Incoming U.S. Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger Is Sworn In On The Capitol Steps

US Capitol Police Says Maskless People Should Not Be Arrested; New CDC Face Mask Guidance for Strict Compliance

US Capitol Police stated "there is no reason" the House of Representatives' new face mask guideline for staff and visitors to result in indictment. They added any individual who does not follow the measure will be imposed to don a face mask or leave the area.
Safe Area of the Asteroid Belt where the Space Rock Came from Which hit Earth Destructively in the Cretaceous Period

Asteroid Belt Believed to Be Safe Reportedly Holds Space Rocks, Theory Says Dinosaur Catastrophe Might Happen Again

Apparently, the safe area of the Asteroid Belt is where the rock came from that killed the dinosaurs and other creatures in a cataclysmic extinction event came from. Researchers were surprised that the sector in the solar system hid planet killers capable of wiping out life on earth.
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