Monday, February 17, 2020 Headlines & Global News


Bigfoot Sighting

Bigfoot Sighting? Two Men Share 'Ohio Grassman' Video, Receives Mixed Reaction from Viewers [VIDEO]

Feb 16, 2020 08:39 AM EST

Two Ohio men found themselves taking a video of a figure resembling Bigfoot or Sasquatch in Salt Fork State Park on Jan. 12. The hikers in eastern Ohio allegedly spotted the creature, capturing the strange sight on camera.

Sex Robot With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Sex Robot May Have Negative Psychological Effects on People

Feb 16, 2020 06:54 AM EST

Are we ready for AI sex robots as an alternative partner? Sex has gone digital and it is called digisexuality, which can be the next step from dating apps for smartphones and computers.

SS Cotopaxi Shipwreck Disproves Bermuda Triangle Theory

Bermuda Triangle Theory Not Real? SS Cotopaxi Shipwreck Found in Atlantic Ocean

Feb 16, 2020 06:35 AM EST

The SS Cotopaxi in Atlantic water will debunk the claim it sank in the Bermuda Triangle. Michael Barnette’s shipwreck “The Bear” is the proof needed to show that the “Devil’s Triangle” might be untrue.

Robert Pattinson as Batman from the test footage published by Reeves.

Robert Pattinson 'The Batman' Teaser Shows 'Twilight' Star Suiting Up as the Dark Knight

Feb 15, 2020 06:20 AM EST

Matt Reeves posts a short clip of Pattinson in the infamous Batsuit.

General Hospital

'General Hospital' Spoilers Week of February 17: Baby Swap Secret Revealed

Feb 15, 2020 05:20 AM EST

Moments from "General Hospital" for Monday reveal psychological coups and taunts. A character will struggle with some flashbacks; someone will try to leave discreetly, and another one will have a face-off with a former enemy.

CODIV-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine May Be Out in 18 Months, But California Lab Claims Making It in 3 Hours

Feb 15, 2020 04:20 AM EST

With the threat of the novel coronavirus growing everyday and infecting tens of thousands, WHO says they are working on a vaccine but it may take 18 months. However, a laboratory in California says they have created a DNA based vaccine in just three hours.

Bedding Set

Get a Better Sleep With These Lovely Bedding Sets

Feb 15, 2020 04:05 AM EST

An inviting bedding set may induce sweet dreams as you tuck yourself in after a long day and it could also provide a much-needed splash of color. A new duvet cover or bedspread is an easier commitment than when painting the walls or purchasing furniture.

The Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster Claims Surface as Mysterious Skeleton Found After Storm Ciara

Feb 15, 2020 03:59 AM EST

A skeleton was found on the shores of Aberdeen after the hit of Storm Ciara, and the internet thinks it's the Loch Ness Monster.

 Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting May Slow Down Aging and Increase Life Span

Feb 15, 2020 02:50 AM EST

Intermittent fasting has been well-received thanks to its many purported health benefits including weight loss, improved focus, and better cardiovascular health.

'Stranger Things 4' Spoilers

'Stranger Things 4' Spoilers: Hopper Returns, Dangerous Event Awaits

Feb 14, 2020 04:55 PM EST

'Stranger Things 4' is now back and will be streaming soon on Netflix. A teaser video was released featuring the return of Hopper.

Red Cross Blamed for Deficient China Coronavirus Supplies

Red Cross Blamed for Deficient China Coronavirus Supplies

Feb 14, 2020 02:59 PM EST

Serious problems with lack and distribution of supplies have caused a backlash in the Chinese Red Cross. It did not do its job efficiently that led to more problems for the Chinese government.

The UK Leaves the EU: How Brexit Will Affect Canadian Visitors

The UK Leaves the EU: How Brexit Will Affect Canadian Visitors

Feb 14, 2020 02:46 PM EST

The United Kingdom has officially left the European Union. With a year's transition period in which the UK and EU will negotiate the terms of this departure, many travelers from third countries, such as Canada, are wondering how Brexit will affect them. See further information about Brexit for Canadians.

Adele in Glasgow, 2016.

Adele Weight Loss Secrets Exposed: How She Lost Around 100 Pounds

Feb 14, 2020 02:16 PM EST

Oscar after party aftershock: Adele weight loss either gains praise or worry from fans all over the globe. Find out how she managed to shed 100 pounds.

Spyier Review: The Best Snapchat Spy App You Can't Miss in 2020

Spyier Review: The Best Snapchat Spy App You Can't Miss in 2020

Feb 14, 2020 02:05 PM EST

Here is the best Snapchat spy app that you need to see in 2020. Spyier monitoring solution will get all the Snapchat details before they are deleted. Get everything in real-time via an online dashboard and away from the target. No rooting required.

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Hitting Earth

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Hitting Earth: The TRUTH According to NASA

Feb 14, 2020 02:02 PM EST

After NASA announces about a large asteroid speeding to the direction of the Earth, reports abou doomsday has been spreading online. Read what the truth is according to NASA.

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