Monday, September 21, 2020 Headlines & Global News


House Select Subcommittee On Coronavirus Crisis Holds Hearing On Urgent Need For A National Plan

Dr. Fauci Says Possible Second Wave of COVID-19 in the Fall Should Not Be Underestimated

Sep 19, 2020 03:20 PM EDT

The top infectious diseases expert Dr. Fauci has speculated a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall. Aside from the return, he also noted that it was possible it "never even went away."

Donald Trump

President Trump Reveals Supreme Court Nominees If He Wins Reelection

Sep 19, 2020 03:12 PM EDT

Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the American people are now waiting for the president to name one of his nominees. President Trump updated his list and it now includes three Republican senators.

Kourtney Kardashian

Did Kourtney Kardashian Come Out as Lesbian? Photo of Alleged "Wife" Leaked

Sep 19, 2020 03:12 PM EDT

After posting a picture on her Instagram account, a gossip site claimed that the reality star came out as a lesbian and was married to a woman all along. Is it true or was the event blown out of proportion.

 Boeing Is Offering the Super Horner to the Indian Navy and Air Force

Boeing Offering Super Hornet to the Indian Navy and Air Force

Sep 19, 2020 03:11 PM EDT

Boeing is offering the Super Hornet as India’s next plane on its carriers, which is undergoing trials on ski-jumps. The fighter will be one of several bids that India will be choosing from.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit New Zealand - Day 1

Queen Elizabeth II Could Change Megxit Deal in 6 Months?

Sep 19, 2020 02:47 PM EDT

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's post-Megxit future remains to be in the hands of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen could entirely change the Megxit deal.

2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals

Miley Cyrus's New Song Says She Faked Things in the Bedroom With Former Husband Liam Hemsworth

Sep 19, 2020 01:48 PM EDT

Hard at work for 3 years for her seventh album, one person would not be pleased with Miley Cyrus' new album. That is Liam Hemsworth with her divulging the things they did in the bedroom.


Best Waffles in America and Where to Find Them

Sep 19, 2020 12:52 PM EDT

From sweet and savory, to buttery and fruity, you can never go wrong with waffles. A breakfast staple in America, there are many places that offers this treat on their menu but only a few perfected it.

Kim Kardashian

Craziest 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' PR Stunts

Sep 19, 2020 12:52 PM EDT

The Kardashians are the royalties of reality TV. The controversial and famous family never failed to deliver the most shocking twists. Here are some of the biggest and craziest antics that the Kardashians did for the show.

The Mexican Premiere

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Reunion: Flirty Scene in 'Fast Times' Table Read

Sep 19, 2020 12:46 PM EDT

People have been rooting for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's romantic reunion. This could be a step forward as they engage in a flirty scene for "Fast Times Ridgemont High."

Daily Life In Wuhan During Lockdown

Wuhan Families Accuse China of Barring COVID-19 Lawsuits

Sep 19, 2020 12:46 PM EDT

Wuhan next-of-kin have had their COVID-19-related lawsuits rejected. They accuse China of barring COVID-19 lawsuits.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Speaks At Georgetown Law

Who is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Baden Ginsburg? The Woman Known as the 'Notorious RBG' Dies Age 87

Sep 19, 2020 06:37 AM EDT

United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Baden Ginsburg died of cancer on Friday after a legacy of being known as the "Notorious R.B.G." She had a challenging life where she persevered through and fought for people's rights across the country.

New York City Commemorates 19th Anniversary Of September 11 Terror Attacks

Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Canceled? Governor Cuomo Says Festivity Will Continue

Sep 19, 2020 06:15 AM EDT

New York Governor Cuomo stated that despite the coronavirus pandemic, trick-or-treating on Halloween will not be canceled. He will also offer advice and guidance regarding Oct. 31st holiday.

President Tsai Ing-wen Casts Vote in Taiwanese Election

China Conducts Military Exercises Near Taiwan Strait to Show Dominance Against US Diplomat

Sep 19, 2020 05:25 AM EDT

United States Undersecretary of State Keith Krach visited Taiwan to meet with President Tsai Ing-wen for the memorial service of former president Lee Teng-hui. However, the meeting was met with aggression by China who conducted military exercises near the Taiwan Strait in a show of dominance.

President Trump Holds News Conference At The White House

Trump Predicts Nationwide Coronavirus Vaccine by April

Sep 19, 2020 03:54 AM EDT

United States President Donald Trump said the United States could see a coronavirus vaccine delivered to every citizen by April. The timeline garnered criticism and support as multiple vaccine candidates continue rigorous development procedures.

edophile Kills Divorcee Mother’s Two Young Girls by Shredding them Cruelly With a Knife

Russian Man Arrested for Taking Advantage, Slaying Two Underage Girls

Sep 18, 2020 08:30 PM EDT

A pedo killer who kept his past from his current girlfriend, killed her daughters in cold blood, committing a ghastly murder without remorse.

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