Monday, September 21, 2020 Headlines & Global News


Florida Volunteers Take Part In COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Game Changing Antibody That Eradicates Virus Responsible For COVID-19 Discovered

Sep 15, 2020 06:57 AM EDT

A new antibody that is capable of completely and specifically neutralizing the SAR-CoV-2 virus has been discovered by scientists. The researchers produced the Ab8 drug with the new antibody and state that it could potentially help avoided new infections and help treat sick patients.


China Says No Need to Vaccinate Entire Population, Only Frontliners

Sep 15, 2020 06:49 AM EDT

After months of battling the coronavirus pandemic, China continues to see a decrease in cases. Medical experts said that once the vaccine is ready, only those who are in "high-risk" jobs will need it while the public will have to follow precautionary measures set by CDC.

Oakland Zoo Nears Bankruptcy As Coronavirus Forces Extended Closure

Hikers Discover Gruesome Sight of Bear Feasting on Human Remains in the Great Smoky Mountains

Sep 15, 2020 06:11 AM EDT

Park rangers quickly euthanized the animal in fears of future attacks in one of the largest national parks in the Untied States.

Senate Democrats Block Procedural Vote On COVID-19 Aid Package

$1,200 Stimulus Check and $300 Unemployment Benefit Could Be Included in Next Relief Bill

Sep 15, 2020 06:09 AM EDT

The need for a new coronavirus relief bill is growing as the effects of the pandemic is causing more Americans to suffer. Politicians are at a standstill due to differing views of how much money to put in, but new legislation could include several other benefits.

Protesters For And Against Gay Marriage Rally In Berlin

Fact Check: Is the World’s First Anal Birth by a Homosexual Couple Real?

Sep 14, 2020 06:33 PM EDT

The internet was taken by storm after a website reported that a gay couple was able to celebrate the first-ever anal birth in the world. Find out the truth about this story.

Chinese Family Finds Dead Bat in Oyster Sauce Jar They Used for Three Months

Chinese Family Finds Dead Bat in Oyster Sauce Jar They've Been Using for Three Months

Sep 14, 2020 06:25 PM EDT

A family in China discovered a dead bat in their oyster sauce they have used for quite a while. They do not know how it happened, but it worries them a lot.

A Delhi Man Is Accused of Chewing off Another Man’s Finger During Argument

Delhi Man Accused of Biting Off Another Man’s Finger During Argument

Sep 14, 2020 06:10 PM EDT

Two co-workers riding in a car had argument and it ended with one losing a finger. His companion chewed on his finger out of frustration, moral of the story never chew on another’s finger.

Air Force B-2 Practice Bombing Runs in Case of an Indo-Pacific War

US Air Force B-2 Practice Bombing Runs in Case of an Indo-Pacific War

Sep 14, 2020 06:00 PM EDT

B-2 bombers are doing ombing runs in preparation for going against PLAN ship and targets. These joint amphibious operations include working with the Australian marines in a hypothetic joint operation.

Gold Coast Beaches Closed Following Fatal Shark Attack At Greenmount Beach

Tasmania Boy Grabbed by Shark from a Boat in Australia

Sep 14, 2020 05:48 PM EDT

In the latest on the series of shark attacks in Australia, a 10-year-old boy was dragged by a shark from a fishing boat. The boy sustained injuries in his chest, arm, and head.


Transient Charged and Arrested, Accused of Starting Wildfire That Killed Dozens

Sep 14, 2020 04:42 PM EDT

A week after the fire started in the state, deputies claimed that they arrested the man who started one of the two ignition points for the wildfire. The deputies are also dismissing rumors about the tragedy being linked to politics.

The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis transits the South China Sea at sunset

South China Sea Threat: WW3 Alarm Bells Ring Between China, US

Sep 14, 2020 04:33 PM EDT

The United States has given a warning to China with regard to their power over the South China Sea while China is planning to use its secret weapon. Will this lead to WWIII?

  Navy Admiral says that the U.S. Navy Carrier Air Wing will Enable them to Strike at Extended Ranges

Navy Admiral Says U.S. Navy Carrier Air Wing Will Enable them to Strike at Extended Ranges

Sep 14, 2020 04:30 PM EDT

One of the things China tells America is that it will sink a U.S. carrier with their rockets, and that is brewing trouble for the navy. One of the solution is developing its lethal carrier planes with longer range weapons to beat Chinese assets.


Spooky Video of a ‘Ghost’ Caught in Abandoned Mansion Goes Viral on TikTok

Sep 14, 2020 04:03 PM EDT

Tiktok user @rebecca posted terrifying footage on her account and as soon as she uploaded it the video rapidly went viral. Rebecca then captioned her post that her mom sent the video of the mansion that she had found during her hike but what she had noticed was a face in the window.


Intelligence Officials Claim Iran is Plotting to Assassinate US Ambassador to South Africa as Revenge

Sep 14, 2020 03:37 PM EDT

Months after President Trump ordered the assassination of General Soleimani of Iran, intelligence officials say the Iranians are still looking for revenge. Ambassador Marks is now under strict surveillance as she is the alleged target.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh And Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Leicester

Meghan Markle's Mother Caused a Rift Between Kate Middleton and the Queen

Sep 14, 2020 03:11 PM EDT

Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, was ensured to feel warm and welcomed into the royal family. This ignited a row between Kate Middleton and the Queen.