Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to be financially independent of the Royal Family for several reasons, including the unfair treatment Markle was subjected to in the British press.

A celebrity who can attest to the biased treatment of the press is actor Simon Rex who opened up about a bribe offer from a UK tabloid in his recent interview on the Hollywood Raw podcast.

Former "Cuts" co-star Simon Rex of Meghan Markle claimed he was offered $70,000 by a British tabloid to lie about dating the Duchess of Sussex. Rex was once labeled as one of Markle's celebrity exes.

"Nothing happened. We never even kissed," according to Rex upon guesting on the March 16 episode of the "Hollywood Raw" podcast. "It was just, like, we hung out once in a very non-datey way. She was just someone I had met on a TV show and we got lunch. That was the extent of it."

The duchess declared last year that she was suing The Daily Mail's publishers because of several libelous, false stories written about her, illuminating the extreme lengths some British tabloids go to smear her name.

Many tabloids described Rex as Markle's "porn star ex."

Rex said he did not give in to the pretty penny because he did not feel right lying and messing up the royal family. "I didn't want to be whacked in the alley of London because I f--king lied."

He explained that the tabloid persuaded him to lie about sleeping with Markle and offered him the money for the "juicy story."

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Rex is is the actor that can be recalled from his roles in the Scary Movie franchise and also appeared at Kesha's "Tiktok" video and LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know it!"

Markle was taking small roles on TV series for one episode and she coincided with Simon Rex on one of those occasions.

The unnamed tabloid wanted Rex to say that they basically had sex or tell them a "sexy story." In the end, he said he told them "the truth... and took a lot less money for that."

He said he did not feel right doing it, admitting that there was a period in his life wherein he probably would have taken up the offer. He reportedly did not want to be "that guy" and possibly upset Prince Harry.

The Sun"published a story last year claiming Simon "blew his chances" with Markle after learning about his adult film star past.

In October, Markle sued the owner of "The Daily Mail," with husband Prince Harry accusing the British tabloid of doing a "ruthless campaign" against his wife with regard to the treatment of his late mother, Princess Diana.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will commence their transition out of their senior royal family roles on March 31.

Prince Harry said the Royal Family did not "protect" Markle "enough," according to a source. "Harry's accused the royals of treating him and Meghan differently (than) the rest of the family and says that they didn't welcome her into the family with open arms."

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