President Biden thinks that they can change the way people see the situation at the borders. Some Democrats and many Republicans are saying that it's getting worse.

The administration wants to convince their critics that it's no huge crisis. The president, nor his vice-president Kamala Harris, has not visited. There are speculations that both are avoiding questions.

President Biden and his migration policy flip-flop get criticized.

This administration faces critics slamming what they call bad policy that has led to a surge of migrant minors. It is a flashpoint that is getting way beyond the government's control. Oddly, the reaction is to convince critics of the border chaos. It is not something to be concerned about, as reported by Politico through MSN, regarding the administration's perception of the problem.

According to the White House, the increasing problems at the borders are not a threat to America. However, the border problems are a bunch of errors building up. One of these concerns is the spread of COVID-19 among minors.

The White House has been trying to promote its version of events at the border to Capitol Hill. They are attempting to convince the divided Democrats because the choices of the administration are justified. The new administration was inaugurated, and it inherited a problem with migration.

President Biden is trying to explain away Washington's most divisive and controversial topics that create a massive backlash. The White House rejects any migration issues pointed out by the Republicans.

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Biden administration officials repeatedly stated in calls with House lawmakers this week the source of the problem. They claim it is a crisis from the Trump administration. What is happening now is a step to solve the problem.

In a separate call with Democratic communications aides on Capitol Hill, White House officials emphasized that the problem is with Central America. Biden and his team are focusing on the "root causes" of migration surges, as well as their renewed diplomatic efforts with Central American countries, which had ended under Trump's administration.

The White House has conducted calls with other organizations and staff for high-profile Democrats off the Hill to coordinate messaging, an intention of keeping everyone on the same track. Many Democrats also praised the coordination, as well as the acknowledgment of the severity of the situation. 

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) scrawled "hallelujah" on a piece of paper alongside his various notes after joining House Democrats in a private virtual meeting. It was joined by Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) said the following statement about the botch border management:

"Because they were saying, 'look, this is not the problem of HHS or DHS but that every federal agency was now going to be involved' in this project." 

"It was important to hear that the administration does not believe that it has already reached Nirvana. We've got a long and persistent problem on our Southern border."

How President Joe Biden will the change the way people see the crisis at the border is a challenge to the administration. Many questions pop but one thing is for sure, the border problem is too visible for the naked eyes to see.

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