President Biden promised entry to the migrants when stopped at the U.S.- Mexico border by the border patrol. They even insisted the US president encouraged them like a personal invite. 

The border crisis is devolving as it gets worse, and the administrations' open border policy has backfired. One of the biggest blunders in the first month is repealing border policies by Trump.

Migrants swarm the US Border

Illegal immigrants are trying to force their entry into the US by claiming that Biden told them to come. One of them even alleged that entry was assured if they go to America. 

One of them, Gladys Oneida Pérez Cruz, a pregnant woman who traveled to the border, told the New York Times on March 14 that Biden was a migrant president. She said Coyotes or human smugglers asked for $9,000 as a charge to reach the border but was on her own shortly after. She and her son left for the border on February 7 and hoped to go to Maryland. She was one of the many Honduran illegals deceived by criminals caught by the border patrol, but she turned back said sources.

Another of those immigrants holding to Biden's alleged promise from sources based in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is located next to El Paso, Texas. Some illegals turned back at the border was overhead on the phone, saying they were refused entry.

Acting Border Patrol Commissioner Troy Miller briefed reporters on the chaotic border crisis. He said the border was never opened even if Biden promised migrants as what they said. Added that those immigrants attempting an illegal crossing were fooled by the human smugglers.

GOP House Members Sponsor Bill to Lessen Biden's Reach

The Biden administration was warned about removing the past administration's border policies. Instead, they went ahead and only recently admitted the mistake. Jen Psaki held a press conference to address it, not avoid it finally.

Biden's policies, according to critics, opened up the border problem, and migrant claims of an open border were mistaken. It was the president's undoing to remove his predecessors' orders that kept control of illegal immigration. The coyotes and cartels were hampered by Trump's policies, took advantage of the current president's unwise move.

Republicans called on Biden to acknowledge the crisis earlier, as migrant surges threaten security. The House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) with 12 GOP representatives denounced the White House on March 15. He said it was the president who created this crisis and the border problems.

To many, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) response reversing Biden's mistake on Trump's policies was not correct. Even the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed the same accusation against the past administration. But many sustained the gains in border security under Trump.

Cartels and Criminal elements

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection that reported a surge of 100,000 migrants at the border. Many officials asked for support and told the White House to admit its error but got excuses instead. Many times, Psaki was called out but did not answer anything.

Many on the border say Biden promised migrants misinformation by the criminals and cartels to rake in profits. Another is taking advantage of the border patrols' inability to stop their activities.

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