The Biden Administration has the migrant surge solution to use taxpayer's money for hotels to stay in. Most of the facilities to house the aliens are overwhelming facilities. One solution is placing them in hotels, but it will not be a good solution since it will cost much.

Taxpayer money for accommodations

The decision to open the border was not advisable. Instead, the administration decided on a solution for the problem. Americans will foot the bill for aliens under the administration's border scheme. The GOP has criticized the migrant crisis for mismanagement, but the White House has been playing defense for president Biden.

The administration will spend up to $86 million to pay for hotels that would house about 1,200 alien families that crossed the US Border. When interviewed, they claimed that Biden invited them.

The Department told Axios of Homeland Security about plans to fix the border. Use of hotel rooms in border states like Texas and Arizona as temporary housing. It might only be 6 months or more, that is left to be decided.

San Antonio Endeavors

All the hotel arrangements will be handled by Endeavors based in San Antonio. It connects the vulnerable across the U.S. with helpful services. Endeavor says it offers to give the needs of unaccompanied migrant children and families.

These services are direct care, migrant wellness support, case management, and related services. All that is needed to help migrants in the US.

In 2021, the migrant surge on the southern border was high. From January to February, the number increased from 7,000 to 19,000 migrants. This was the report of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The taxpayer money spend on will be on Americans.

Press Questions Access to Border Facilities, Psaki Gives No Answer

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that the Biden Administration is troubled. It is the most migrants who have crossed over. A senior official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement cited it the most in 20 years.

Housing for migrant minors

Another facility will be open for minor migrants, said the Department of Health and Human Services, Saturday. The info said it is in Pecos, Texas, the processing center. It can house a total of 500 minors to 2000 later, reported Fox News.

Reporters have asked for information about migrant housing. This is where they will be placed to answer the question.

A spokesperson said that up to 13,500 beds are provided. But more work is needed to have anti-COVID strategies in place. The Office of Refugee Resettlement revealed this information to the press.

Rep. Tony Gonzalez (R-Texas) had an interview in Fox News last Saturday. He said a message from HHS told new housing is available in West Texas. A capacity of 500 to 2000 minors will stay in empty man camps.

He added they weren't the right housing for minors. He criticized the Biden Administration for using unsuitable housing for minors. He also added that the crisis is out of control and getting worse.

About 3,000 teens from 15 to 17 will be going to a Dallas convention center. They will stay up to three months there in the location.

A report said one migrant facility was overloaded with alien minors. So, the plan to use taxpayer money is an option. The administration made a big mistake, and the border chaos is expanding.

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