Joe Biden's policies worsen the border chaos on solo immigrant children. Latinos are using their children to enter the United States. It is not getting better as the Mexico-US border is not improving. Migrants are not listening to Biden's mixed-up messaging.

Joe Biden's Policies are making it worse

The United States is in crisis as its aliens don't want to turn back. A former top immigration adviser said more children are sent to the border. It is their parents who hope their children will be let in, reported the Epoch Times.

The adviser said that the crisis had been made worse by allowing children in. It will be a chance for parents to use minors to enter the United States. It disadvantages Americans, not the aliens getting a free pass to U.S. citizenship.

Stephen Miller, who advised Trump on border policy, mentioned why he objects. Taking a 17-year-old or younger to the border illegally will be separating families. He expressed that Biden promoted splitting up families, and that is immoral.

He added that it encourages giving their children to traffickers and cartels to enter. It be won't long before these parents endanger children as a way in. 

Evidence of coyotes and cartels are evident in caravans at the border.

Miller called what the administration is doing a big mistake. There are ways to process the aliens properly, not let everyone in. He cited a process with UN members to screen who enters the country.

Joe Biden's Policies has no working legit humanitarian process to start with. Everyone who enters must classify criterion to pass. The number would be the qualified asylum seekers; many are not at the U.S. border.

White House Still Denies Surging Border Crisis

In the end, the administration is ripping families apart to enter the border. Biden and his policies are not well thought out.

At the start of the pandemic, Trump officials used Title 42 powers to eject illegals entering. This included minors and children alone at the border. It was done without hesitation to protect American citizens.

Biden had an open arms policy when Trump's orders were trashed. It was key to control the aliens trying to escape into the US. Even immigrant children were no exception to the rule. The U.S. Border Patrol was never overwhelmed or had a hard time.

After Biden got inaugurated, he opened the borders to migrants against American interests. Next came the crisis the White House denied at the U.S. border. Jen Psaki slipped in the briefing but pulled back her 'CRISIS" remark.

Alejandro Mayorkas said on NBC's "Meet the Press" they will be accepting children at the border. He said they would be minors from 14 to 17 years old.

He said that Biden closed the border, claiming it. In March, he told the press to wait for the president's announcement.

This is where the administration is giving mixed signals to the migrants. Still coming over, but the governments need to be clearer.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said that Majorkas is making a big mistake. He remarked on the DHS secretary's words.

Too late, the cayotes can bring children to the border and earn. If their children got in, they could get money from families. 

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