• G20 Summit Tackles Climate Changes as Factor to World’s Financial Stability This coming G20 Summit, climate change is a major concern that will impact all nations. Dealing with it will address the problems needed to add environment, but the U.S. keep dodging the issue.

  • US Grapples To Broker a Trade Deal With India in Time for Trump’s Visit US President Donald Trump is bound to India for a Summit, February 24. However, the US-India Trade Deal still hangs in the balance even with his expected arrival.

  • Is a Trade War Looming Between U.S. and India? US President Trump is considering drastic action over India’s high tariffs. Both the U.S. President and the Indian leader hope to settle tariff spats equitably.

  • U.S. Administration Limits China’s Access to Chip Technology Attempts by the US to disrupt China’s tech surge, and failing to convince other tech firms were not successful. Huawei used chip designs from Britain’s ARM in October, but the Tech firm responded that Huawei exports did not violate any content rules at all.

  • Single-Family Housing Registers Better Numbers in U.S. Housing Market There will be more building permits reaching a 13-year peak. Because of a continued market for Single-Family homes to keep the economy moving along.

  • Coronavirus Cripples Face Mask Production, Poses Challenge to Medical Professionals Worldwide The coronavirus outbreak has taken its toll on the production of face masks around the world, shortage is experienced and panic buyers have emptied shelves of surgical and N95 masks.

  • Coronavirus Scare Hitting the Chinese Stock Market Hard Compared to SARS in 2003 The effect of the coronavirus on the Chinese stock market is getting worse. As the Chinese government take measures to keep the stock market up, fears of a prolonged shutdown will affect their economy negatively too.

  • Online Payment Providers Are Going Mainstream We live in the Digital Era, which means that more things happen online. More online payment providers have been created, too, allowing people to interact with various websites more effectively. PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Wallet, and more make it possible for people to have their money online and ready to spend more effectively.

  • Entering a Foreign Market? Here is What You Need To Do Starting and running a business within your home country is nothing compared with going international. Not only do you have to spend the same effort, time, and money, you would have spent if you were investing at home, but you also have to incorporate additional fees, currency differences, transportation, as well as other cultural challenges that you may be confronted with.

  • Strapped for cash? 7 Effective Ways to Better Your Finances Do you feel like there is a massive hole in your purse, and your account is screaming red? In difficult times like this, there is always one question popping to the mind, and that is how can one better his finances? Well, the fact that you've become cash-strapped in the first place shows that you've most likely been bad at money management.

  • How to Use Premarket Trading Opportunities If you've learned something important about the stocks and securities in your financial portfolio, and you're keen to start trading, you might not need to wait until the market opens to begin.

  • Forex Trading: Basic Facts to Get You Started Forex is, by far, one of the fastest ways to generate income consistently. If you have a few dollars to go, and a lovely strategy to work with, you can consider yourself rich already because you are just a few trades away from making money in forex. However, far from being the rollercoaster ride, many blogs portray it to be, Forex trading is not without its risks. And your level of risk management makes a world of difference between getting rich and running into penury.

  • 'Weaponized Interdependence' Wields Economic Networks as Political Weapons When President Donald Trump signed an executive order in May banning US companies from trading information and communications technology with foreign businesses deemed a national security risk, it effectively prevented Chinese telecom giant Huawei from acquiring the American technology that it needs to market its products. On July 26th, China threatened to blacklist FedEx from the Chinese market.

  • nTIDE July 2019 Jobs Report: Positive Pattern Continues for Job Seekers With Disabilities East Hanover, NJ - August 2, 2019 - Economic indicators rose again for Americans with disabilities, outpacing the modest gains for people without disabilities, according to today's National Trends in Disability Employment - Monthly Update (nTIDE), issued by Kessler Foundation and the University of New Hampshire's Institute on Disability (UNH-IOD).

  • Study: Sleep is Essential for Business Leaders Seeking Next Successful Venture Jeff Bezos and Arianna Huffington came up with brilliant ideas that turned into companies that are now household names -- Amazon and HuffPost. The secret ingredient for coming up with these ideas may be something we can all tap into -- a good night's sleep.

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