Republicans ask United States Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas last March 30 for documents that had a warning for the incoming transition team. Noting these papers already outlined the consequence of an open border.

Before the Democrats set foot in the White House a set, advice on policies was left. But, Biden decided against it and now has a significant blunder.

Republicans Ask DHS Mayorkas to counter irresponsible claims

On March 30, two House Republicans requested Mayorkas about the warnings' documents. The Biden transition team about reversing Trump-era immigration policies was forwarded. Currently, the border situation is getting worse as Biden has no solution, reported NTD.

The house GOP member wants Mayorkas to show the papers that prove the Department of Homeland Security was advised.

Republicans ask DHS Mayorkas last March 30 for documents that had a warning for the incoming transition team. Former Trump DHS official Chad Wolf chided Biden for ignoring the advice. But, Biden is a no show at the border when his leadership is expected.

A letter address to Mayorkas by Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) slammed the DHS secretary hard for non-transparency. They said the Biden border crisis gets chaotic as the president and his administration make worse decisions. President Biden and his Administration refuse to accept accountability for the rising humanitarian crisis.

A news article that claimed the administration was adequately warned that contradicts its stand. They blame Trump's policies were the cause, but an executive order signed canceled prior policies. Republicans ask DHS Mayorkas to clarify it is not his mistake.

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Asking for documents from the DHS will prove that warnings were ignored. Whether Mayorkas will produce the documents is left to be seen.

The Republicans refer to an NPR report last fall that claimed professional DHS officials warned then-candidate Joe Biden's transition team. Stressed that revoking President Donald Trump's immigration policies would be a huge border surge. Last March 17, the Epoch Times wrote about these dire warnings, which were ignored.

Mayorkas was asked to hand over documents relating to communications for transparency purposes. The DHS and the Biden transition team should have the documents requested by Jordan and McClintock. However, the situation in the border shows how allegedly Majorkas would instead place blame.

According to the letter that indicated Trump, DHS officials allegedly had 'numerous briefings' with Biden transition officials. They advised them that reversing President Trump's policies will result in chaos. But the DHS is spinning another story to shield Biden's blunder.

President Biden signed executive orders dismantling the Trump administration's immigration policies and services with no hesitation. He single-handedly made the US-Mexico border less secure, prioritizing illegals over US citizens.

It was a chance for the cartels and criminals to take advantage of the situation. The administration limited the flow of information to prevent backlash. A Biden representative dared to block Senator Ted Cruz in a recent border visit.

Biden's reversal of border policies is the reason why aliens are entering illegally. The two Republicans ask DHS Mayorkas where the documents are to prove it's their blunder.

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