Ex-President Trump lashed out Biden's honesty for saying there weren't vaccines ready for emergency use. Maybe Joe forgot vaccines were prepared by the time he moved in the oval office.

Honesty has always been an issue with politicians, and Biden has been recorded and on tape. Critics have cited that he hasn't been very consistent on the record.

Vaccine gaffe added to many more

Recently Donald Trump had an ax to grind as he went all out on the new president. Like last elections during the campaign period, he went after Biden for double speaking. He alleged that the current president is not honest or has cognitive problems, reported the Epoch Times.

Biden's claim that his administration did not produce the vaccines under project Warp Speed. The ex-president made sure that several biotech companies would have a vaccine ready, whether he was the president or not.

Trump lashed out at the new administration.

Last Wednesday, the ex-president interviewed the pro-Trump Newsmax TV. He did not mince his words. He alleged that Joe was not speaking the truth, or he was mentally slipping into his famous gaffe, adding that whatever is happening can be one or the other since Biden is not so mentally cognizant or worse.

During the interview, Trump said that Joe forgot vaccines and got burned for his false statement. After Biden was scorched on social media, the ex-president referred to it, retorting later what Joe said was not intelligent or becoming of a president.

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On February 16, during a town hall of CNN, which is known for its anti-Trump bias, Joe Biden was not in a controlled interview which led to a monumental blunder. He was asked about the vaccines and answered allegedly incorrectly, which prompted his predecessor's response on Newsmax.

He was asked by the host and answered there were no vaccines when he stepped into the presidency. Seemed convinced that the vaccines from Project Warp speed came in when only in office. He contradicted when he stated earlier that 50 million doses were all ready for use.

More contradiction came back to bite at Biden when he got the two-dose vaccine before the inauguration on January 20. By the 24th, about 1 million doses were given to Americans before Christmas day, which contrasted with Biden's reported statement.

Donald Trump's critical views of the Biden administration

The ex-president talked about his opinion on the Biden administration and what he thought of the first weeks. Two positions on China and illegal immigration got his attention which he was not pleased.

Speaking of the responses and his conduct on the China policy got the former president expressing disappointment. Saying that his administration got China on the ropes, there was no follow-up to squeeze the CCP more.

On February 17, the ex-president had several interviews and talked about rigged elections. Also, the passing of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh who was his friend.

Trump then added more about imitating a third-world republic and a social media ban. But still scorched Joe forgot vaccines that were his contribution.

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