The emails dredged from the hard drive of Hunter Biden's lap has the Big Guy reference. Many speculate it is the ex-VP Joe Biden, but he's denied it. 

Now, Republican Ohio House Representative Jim Jordan has gone on the offensive by slamming the ex-VP.

In a statement by Rep. Jordan, he said why the ex-VP call them fake and inaccurate emails. None of the Bidens have said it is fake.

Rep. Jordan and many on Capitol Hill want answers from Joe Biden himself. Hunter Biden's laptop has photos, emails, and videos, whether real or not but only silence, no answers, just denials reported Meaww.

 Last October 25, he gave an interview on Fox News alleged that his team has identified content on the explosive Hunter hard drive. Efforts by the democrats to cast aspersions on the computer store and cause doubt.

 According to Tony Bobulinski said that the content is real, and none is manipulated intentionally. He told Fox on Sunday Morning when interviewed on Sunday Morning Futures by host Maria Bartiromo.

Hunter's ex-business partner was one of these individuals marked as one of the recipients in a batch of emails published by the New York Post. The subject of the email a proposal that involves a Chinese company partnered with the Bidens. Bobulinski added it was a genuine email and give more information on how deep the Biden's were in the Chinese deal.

Included in the email is a note referencing what Hunter expects, including part of the money in a split. H gets 20, but he is holding 10 for the 'big guy. Big Guy is supposed to be the ex-VP.

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One allegation is that these emails are not fake but the real deal. Big Guy 'Joe Biden' has been spoken to by Bobulinski. He alleges to have talked to him. Rep. Jordan said if the emails are not accurate, not fake. Why are the Biden's quiet about it?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is still verifying the contents of the hard drive, but no official word yet. Joe Biden has always denied the proof, even during election time. He said that the incumbent is crass to go after his family. The Dems did the same thing, but Mueller cleared the president.

When Rep. Jim Jordan went public with his statement against the ex-VP and Biden Hunter, Biden's supporters attacked him online and more.

One said that Jordan is not a bright person. One user commented that Jordan is not clever. Another told how the Trump kids would affect the president too. Mean pro-Dems inferred that they were just like Hunter Biden.

One user asked when Hunter Biden will stop his silence on his laptop and give an official statement. It is highly doubtful that he has not spoken to either his dad or mom. Everyone is waiting for the one person of interest. One Biden retorted and said Joe Biden does not answer to anyone. The ex-VP's name was never mentioned, but one happily pointed it out.

More liberal attacked Rep. Jordan and were furious at his statements, many hurling invectives online. But it seems the 'Big Guy' keeps quiet, and Joe Biden gets more furious at each mention. Hunter Biden's emails have roused a hornet's nest.

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