Former President Donald Trump will reportedly set up his own social media platform. He will return to posting online in two to three months, according to his adviser and spokesperson Jason Miller. For years, the former president favored Twitter and had amassed almost 90 million followers prior to the microblogging website's suspension of him in January.

Trump's Own Social Media Platform

Miller stated on Fox's "MediaBuzz" that the former president will be returning to social media in his "own platform" that will attract "tens of millions" of new users and redefine the ballgame. He remarked, "This is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media. It's going to completely redefine the game, and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what President Trump does, but it will be his own platform," reported CNN.

Trump was permanently prohibited from Twitter in the aftermath of the January 6 US Capitol siege. He had been a prolific poster on the tech giant prior to and during his presidency.

Trump has been in relative silence at Florida's Mar-a-Lago resort since upon losing his Twitter account and the powers of being in the highest office of the land. He has recently released short statements, which many have likened to his old tweets, reported The Guardian.

The reported move comes months following Trump's banning from a series of platforms. These include, other than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube -- the largest social media sites in the US. Earlier this month, YouTube stated it would lift the former president's ban on the site when the "risk of incitement to violence" subsides, reported USA Today.

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Meanwhile, the former president has not alluded he would use other social media websites favored by conservatives, including MeWe, Gab, or Parler. Miller also did not elaborate or proffer a potential name for the social media venture.

According to Miller, Trump has been approached by numerous companies and is in discussions with such teams regarding the new platform. He said on Sunday, "This new platform is going to be big. Everyone wants him and he's going to bring millions and millions -- tens of millions -- to this platform."

In the meantime, Miller noted the former president would continue to endorse Republican candidates. He is alluding to one that is slated to come on Monday. Miller remarked, "Pay attention to Georgia tomorrow, on Monday." He added there is a big endorsement arriving that would shake things up in the political landscape in Georgia. "It's big, it's coming tomorrow, and just be sure to tune in."

Speculation has been prevalent that Trump could be looking to create his own TV network in an attempt to prise viewers from Fox News. It was the first to call the crucial state of Arizona for President Joe Biden on election night, much to Trump's considerable unfavorability.

Trump used to prolifically use Twitter to promote his agenda and denounce his critics. His future of a Facebook return is currently being deliberated by an advisory board to the company.

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