Former President Donald Trump on Friday made an unannounced attendance at a dog rescue fundraiser in Palm Beach. He remarked he did not exactly prepare for the event, but he was walking and heard everybody screaming, which led to his curiosity.

Trump's Surprise Appearance at Fundraiser

Trump addressed a supportive audience that his daughter-in-law Lara will be bidding for a Senate seat during a speech that he gave at the event. The former president made the impromptu speech at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue event hosted at his resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida upon returning from New York.

According to a video of the event posted on Twitter, the previous president made a brief statement at the dog rescue fundraiser. He asked what was going on and was informed they were trying to help dogs. He then responded that it was fine with him.

President and founder of the Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Lauree Simmons, hosted the event purported to help more than 500 dogs from China come to the U.S. Her fundraiser looks to underscore China's dog meat market trade and set an initiative to raise $500,000 to help dogs from China escape from the harvesting trade, reported Washington Examiner.

The crowd broke into boisterous applause following Trump's speech. The former president then acknowledged the presence of his daughter-in-law, who helped organize the event.

According to Simmons, her goal was for the animal fundraiser to raise $500,000. She is attempting to launch a rescue mission to remove the dogs from China by cargo plane, reported WPTV.

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Trump thanked Lara before addressing long-circulating rumors that she was considering a run for a North Carolina Senate seat next year. The crowd erupted into cheers when he announced that Lara was running for Senate.

Lara Trump has not officially announced such plans to run for a Senate position. Republican Richard Burr is currently vacating it for 2022. However, she has similarly not ruled out the possibility.

Trump, donning a white polo shirt and a red "Make America Great Again" cap, lauded the non-profit organization, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, for doing essential work. He stated they had many meetings at the White House and the Oval Office associated with saving and helping dogs.

Lara, the 38-year-old producer, worked on both of his father-in-law's presidential campaigns. She also set up a pro-Trump webcast entitled "Real News Update."

The Trumps are looking to make efforts and seize control of the Republican Party. Trump has remained popular despite losing the Oval Office to President Joe Biden.

According to Chase Scott, spokesperson for the Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the former president visited the event and expressed gratitude to those attending for their support in helping Big Dog Ranch Rescue save 47,000 dogs to date. The crowd gave a standing ovation for Trump, his daughter-in-law Lara, and Laurie Simmons for their work to pass the first anti-cruelty bill to protect animals.

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