The memoir "Finding Freedom" indicated that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were living in Canada when a royal aide provided information that would change their lives forever. They were reportedly "happy" in Canada upon keeping their relationship furtive.

They then reportedly received a phone call indicating that news of their relationship had been divulged and mere hours before it became prevalent in the global news agenda.

The memoir penned by Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie and published by "The Times" reads, "One night late in October in Toronto, Harry was happy, and so was Meghan."

The bad news was from one of Prince Harry's aides at Kensington Palace. "A tabloid was going to run with the story of their relationship. Their main worry was that her place would be besieged by photographers within 24 hours," reported Daily Star.

"They had little time to think, because there were only a couple of paparazzi in Toronto but it wouldn't be long before photographers flew in from New York and LA, all hoping to get that first picture of the happy couple."

Markle sent a message to a friend disclosing her fears of what was impending.

The memoir underscored security for Prince Harry and Markle as crucial. "Shortly after the news broke, a photographer from an LA-based photo agency had scaled the fence into her back garden and waited for Meghan by her car, hoping to get a picture before she headed out to run errands."

The former "Suits" actress was terrified and called police officials.

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The former royal couple has publicly condemned the media exposure they received prior to relocating to Los Angeles with their infant son Archie after renouncing their membership as senior working members of the British royal family.

The pair's representatives asserted that they were not interviewed for the memoir.

According to a spokesperson, "This book is based on the authors' own experiences as members of the royal press corps and their own independent reporting."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle "should be exiled from royals" as they have "made their bed"

A poll revealed that almost half of British citizens think Prince Harry and Markle should be exiled from the royal family because they have already "made their bed," indicated The Sun.

Four in 10 think they should be permanently ousted. Over half of Brits denounced their controversial memoir "Finding Freedom" as unfavorable.

The bombshell unofficial memoir is due to be released in August. The biography discloses intimate details of Prince Harry and Markle's renouncement of royal duties, dubbed as Megxit.

"Finding Freedom"

"Finding Freedom" explores the Sussexes' journey from the early stages of their rapid romance and concluding their stepping down from royal duties and relocating to Los Angeles with baby Archie, reported "People."

In a statement, a spokesperson for Prince Harry, 35, and Markle, 38, stated that they did not contribute to the biography.

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