In new documents involved in her lawsuit against "The Daily Mail," Meghan Markle directly refuted accusations from Thomas Markle, her father, claiming that she never financially supported him during the previous years.

According to the Duchess of Sussex in legal documents, she started contributing voluntarily to Thomas when she worked since January 2014.

The duchess' side indicates that her mother, Doria Ragland, financially supported her when she was studying at Northwestern University (along with a work-study program) and made the aforementioned "voluntary contributions" to Thomas from acting on "Suits" from 2014 to 2018 when they drifted part following her marrying into the British royal family.

The lawsuit arose from the news outlet disclosing a private letter she wrote to Thomas without her authorization, reported Oh No They Didn't.

Meghan has accused the rift within her relationship with Thomas on the tabloids, according to appalling court documents.

She is reportedly suing Associated Newspapers, publisher of "The Mail" and MailOnline due to published articles featuring parts of a confidential letter to estranged Thomas, according to Express.

Before his marriage, Meghan did not provide financial aid to his ailing father with medical bills due to the fact that he already had adequate money to sell stories about him to tabloids, court papers indicated.

She and her father cut contact in 2018, reported FR 24 News. The cracks in their father-and-daughter relationship started to form.

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The legal filing indicated, "In any event, it is admitted and has never been denied that the Claimant's father supported her throughout her childhood and as a young adult."

"Mr. Markle did not pay for all of the Claimant's college tuition. The Claimant's mother also contributed towards her university costs. In addition, the Claimant received scholarships for academic achievement, which reduced the payable tuition fees."

The legal document added, "The Claimant also undertook a work-study program whereby income she made from working on campus after class was applied directly to supplement and lower her tuition costs, thus personally contributing to her tuition as well." Meghan's contributions were not meant to be allocated as loan payments but are purely personal financial support to Thomas.

The aforementioned money he received through selling stories "would appear to exceed and offset the excess medical cost of roughly $2,500."

Thomas' decision to publicize the letter reportedly contravened her privacy, data protection, and copyright rights.

Also, court documents reveal that Meghan merely discovered that her friends had divulged anonymously to a US magazine. One of the friends disclosed details of the letter following the article's publishing in February 2019.

The papers claimed that one friend had spoken to People during her luxe baby shower set in New York.

Meghan blamed the "The Daily Mail" of humiliating, harassing, exploiting, and manipulating her father. In the event that the case results in favor of her, the Duchess of Sussex declared that she will donate the worth of damages to anti-bullying charity organizations.

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