Prince William and Kate Middleton responded to allegations in a fearless new royal memoir that they shunned Meghan Markle.

"Finding Freedom" writers claimed that the relationship between the Sussexes and Cambridges went downhill that the Duchess of Cambridge condescendingly snubbed her sister-in-law at her farewell engagement as a senior member of the British royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's rage over their renouncement of royal duties is expounded in the sensational new memoir.

The biography alleged that they were "cut adrift" and upset that Prince William and Kate Middleton received terrific official duties, reported The US Sun.

The memoir was labeled as "gospel" according to Prince Harry and Markle. "Finding Freedom" was indicated to have been penned with the former royal couple's blessing. The writers also had access to their circle of friends.

It contains 24 chapters with page after page of swipes at the royal family, the media, and courtiers, indicated "Daily Mail."

According to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's inner circle as a fierce defense, the royal couple had "rolled out the red carpet" for Markle and were nothing but welcoming towards the former "Suits" actress in her transition to the royal family.

Friends stated in response to the royal memoir that Prince William and Middleton reportedly welcomed her by inviting her to their family home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, and Middleton even cooked vegan meals before she married her brother-in-law.

According to a source, "There are buckets of bitterness. It will certainly not help relations with the Royal Family."

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It was also sensationally divulged that Prince Harry and Markle were furious at taking a "back seat" to Prince William and Prince Charles.

Indignation was distinctly directed towards Prince William and Middleton in the memoir for their supposed cold treatment from the beginning of their relationship.

Also, the Queen, who made efforts behind closed doors to relieve their journey in stepping down as senior royals, is reprimanded for apparent slurs towards the Sussexes, reported another Daily Mail article.

Prince William and Middleton also invited Markle's bridesmaids, friends, and page boys to a party prior to her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018. Middleton, who was a steadfast tennis fan, asked Markle to join her watch in the Royal Box at Wimbledon for 2 consecutive years.

"It's just completely wrong to suggest they didn't talk and plain wrong to say the Cambridges weren't welcoming," a friend said.

Prince Harry and Markle moaned that they had taken The Firm to "new heights around the world" and were restrained so they did not eclipse the royal family.

A friend close to the married couple depicted the old guard as "the vipers" while a palace staffer called the 35 and 38-year-old as "the squeaky third wheel" of the royal family.

The surprising biography has sparked new counter-accusations over who was responsible for the resentful fallout from their stepping down.

Other members of the royal household have also responded, denouncing the royal memoir against Prince William and Middleton as a partial account made to make the Sussexes' behavior rose-tinted.

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