Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have resorted to legal action regarding drone photographs of Archie after drones were manhandled to take photos of their infant son.

On Thursday, the complaint was filed in Los Angeles, California, alleging an unspecified person capturing 14-month-old Archie at the back garden of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's home during the COVID-19 quarantine period.

The married couple is alleged that their right to privacy was contravened by unnamed photographers. California laws were cited that could allow the pair to take serious action against any individual attempting to sell the photographs until the unidentified individual who captured them can be named.

The filed complaint the Sussexes indicated that they were not demanding special treatment and already supposed that they were going to be followed by the press in public engagements. However, they drew the line at paparazzi invading their privacy at their own house, reported Metro.

While they were present at their backyard, Prince Harry and Markle asserted that the photographs were possibly captured with a drone or telephoto lens. Such action contravenes California's paparazzi law.

Their privacy is still being breached after renouncing their membership as senior working members of the British royal family and fled the United Kingdom, indicated The New York Times.

Prince Harry and Markle alleged that the Los Angeles paparazzi "crossed a red line for any parent."

The legal action was pushed through upon the couple finding the photographs being sold as if they were captured during a Malibu family vacation, reported The Sun.

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The lawsuit filed last Thursday in the Los Angeles Superior Court can be accessed online here. The couple specified a paparazzo named John Doe and another person or business entity whose name is yet to be known.

The lawsuit indicated that the photographs display the duke and duchess with their one-year-old son in the backyard of a furtive estate in the Los Angeles area where the trio has been staying since early 2020.

The aforementioned individual or business entity they stated is shopping the photos captured by the first defendant, alongside multiple other paparazzi involved in taking and/or shopping the snapshots.

Upon stepping back from royal duties, the former royals left the United Kingdom first for Canada and eventually relocated to a gated community in Los Angeles.

On behalf of Prince Harry and Markle, high-power celebrity attorney Michael Kump stated that the legal action is rooted from alleged "serial intrusions on the privacy of a 14-month-old child in his own home" in addition to "the desire and responsibility of any parent to do what is necessary to protect their children from this manufactured feeding frenzy."

Kump affirmed that all citizens in California are formally assured by law the right to privacy in their houses. He continued that no drones, telephoto lenses, or helicopters could snatch the said right.

Aside from the objective of protecting their infant son's right to privacy in closed doors, the lawsuit was also filed to uncover and stop individuals planning to draw profit from such illegal actions.

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