Meghan Markle is suspected to have fled the United Kingdom bringing millions worth of jewels owned by the late Princess Diana of Wales.

The "National Enquirer" entitled the article, "Meghan Ran Off With $10M In Diana's Jewels!" 

Boing Boing observed that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, remarkable unemployment, protests all over the United States due to the death of a black man, there is a small chance of finding solace in supermarket magazines and that they are apparently grappling to find celebrity news.

The website depicted the British royal family as a soap opera cast enacting a remarkable tabloid script. Also, the proposal ring Prince Harry used reportedly consisted of Princess Diana's jewels, as reported by The Sun.

During their first public appearance upon their engagement declaration in a photo op outside Kensington Palace, the "Suits" actress beamingly showed off her glinting 3-stone ring.

Designed by Prince Harry himself, the stunning, yellow gold ring contained a central Botswana stone, where he and Markle spent a holiday, and 2 diamonds from Princess Diana's collection.

According to Daily Mail, back in 2018, eagle-eyed royal watchers detected a small element on Markle's outfit on the first official day of her royal tour -- her butterfly earrings.

In 1986, it was first donned by the late Princess Diana on her Canadian royal tour. It was denoted that Markle was paying a genuine commemoration of her mother-in-law.

In a dubious smear campaign against the Duchess of Sussex, the "National Enquirer" alleged that Markle sashayed with $10 million dollars worth of Princess Diana Spencer's jewelry. She reportedly refuses to return the jewels.

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An anonymous "senior palace source" remarked that Prince William is angry at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for renouncing their membership as senior members of the royal family and hightailing it to Hollywood to be world-renowned superstars.

The tabloid's cover article proclaimed a "Bling Battle Royal," with the headline on the cover, "Meghan's $10m Feud Over Diana's Jewels!"

While the duke and duchess are loaded with considerable bills upon relocating to their new Los Angeles residence, the tabloid reported that Markle will probably sell the jewelry for quick cash and that she declined Prince William's demand to return their family legacy.

It was debunked that Princes William and Harry allocated their mother's jewelry years ago. Whatever Prince Harry possesses from Princess Diana's jewels, including her butterfly earrings, gold bracelets, and other trinkets that Markle has worn, he has the freedom to give them to his wife.

Prince William has also used the family jewels from his mother's personal collection.

The Duke of Cambridge in 2010 used her sapphire ring in her proposal to Kate Middleton.

Markle has also been seen donning Princess Diana's gold bracelet containing blue stones upon crossing the water to the Opera House.

In May 1986, the late Princess Diana appeared wearing the said jewels on a trip to Canada.

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