Meghan Markle reportedly suspected that there was a "conspiracy" against her at the palace. She was convinced that courtiers were plotting against her when she joined The Firm.

In March, the Sussexes officially renounced their royal duties as senior members of the British royal family.

The former royal couple's circle knew their longing desire to return to Markle's hometown. Canada was "never the forever home," a friend remarked. "The big plan, for Meghan at least, was always LA."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, along with son Archie, relocated to actor Tyler Perry's house worth $18 million.

The source said the duchess, in her duration at The Firm, perceived that she was much like a stranger.

Markle believed that a plot was cooked up against her by royals upon moving into Kensington Palace, so when they relocated to Frogmore, she went into solitary isolation.

Due to her American style of managing affairs, alarm grew in the Duchess of Sussex that the palace's courtiers were out to bastardize her reputation.

The palace life was not the life she was accustomed to and she wanted out, the insider added.

In 2017, the former "Suits" actress joined the palace in 2017 since the declaration of her engagement to Prince Harry. The public was amazed because she was already in attendance with Prince Harry in numerous engagements before marriage.

She married into the royal family on May 19, 2018, becoming an official member of the royal family.

The former Hollywood star relocated to London while dating Prince Harry and stayed in the cottage of Kensington Palace cottage a few doors away from Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Frogmore Cottage had an expensive renovation and was presented as a wedding present from the Queen.

Another insider divulged how Markle had a difficult time after giving birth to Archie. She felt lonely in Windsor and unfulfilled with royal work.

Prince Harry and Markle's stepping down from royal responsibilities was said to be understandable due to the heavily negative media attention Markle was exposed to in Britain.

According to the insider, Markle found it difficult to not earn her own income and that she felt unfulfilled because she was used to working for her dues. One big factor of them wanting out was attaining financial freedom.

Friends were concerned about the duchess burning out as she took on 2 major work projects. She guest-edited Vogue's September issue of Vogue and established the Smart Works collection.

After their plans of renouncement, the couple initially moved to Canada, before they flew to reside in LA as countries closed borders due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

An insider told "Vanity Fair" that Prince Harry and Markle were looking for a new California house after tying the knot. Markle always desired to spend a remarkable time in her home country. They made it official in March when they flew from Vancouver Island in an undisclosed operation on a private jet of actor Tyler Perry.

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