The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a remarkable decision to renounce their positions as senior working members of the British royal family. The Queen supported this and they came to an arrangement to fulfill their wanting to be financially independent after Megxit.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have followed the command not to use "His/Her Royal Highness" anymore and will repay the state the costs of renovating Frogmore Cottage, their UK base. The former royal couple now has the freedom to pursue their own business ventures abroad.

In January, Prince Charles, the father of Prince Harry, is allegedly warning to pull out the millions of annual funds he provides them. Replacing the fund support was a subject of frenzied intrigue about which the Sussexes remained quiet on the matter.

Although the Sussexes gained financial independence, they still sought to represent Prince Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, on the global stage.

As Prince Harry and Markle pivot to a private life in Los Angeles, the weary load they left were carried by Prince William and Kate Middleton as the last full-time working royals of their generation.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are working overtime by putting in more hours and jam-packing their regular schedule with extra significance to communicate to the public.

The Cambridges may also be forced to provide financial assistance to Prince Harry and Markle's new celebrity lifestyle when they assume new titles due to a royal criterion.

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Prince William and Middleton are anticipated to assume the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall after Prince Charles becomes king. This will grant the Cambridges the use of the fund the Duke of Cornwall produces annually.

Prince Harry and Markle seem to be working towards financial independence already as the pair reportedly sacked their staff of 15 persons in the UK and are shutting down their royal office in Buckingham Palace. According to a palace representative, the Sussexes made a public appearance at a JPMorgan event in Miami in February. It was not made clear whether the couple was paid.

The Sussexes have clarified that they will not be reliant on public funds anymore in their bombshell declaration on January 8. They will not hinge on the Sovereign Grant funding and have obliged to uphold Queen Elizabeth II's values.

As they relinquish the title HRH on their official website and products, the couple will reportedly exert efforts to leverage their popularity and royal connections in the United States to develop a personal brand.

With or without taking on royal titles, Prince Harry and Markle are on the borderline of becoming a media power couple across the globe.

How exactly they will earn an income remains to be made known.

A report noted, "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be stepping down from their royal duties but they are still part of the family. They are giving up a significant source of income and it's expected that Prince Charles will privately subsidize their lifestyles."

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