A tabloid cover story indicated that police officers were called on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over an "explosive" fight.

This was then discredited by Hollywood online portal Gossip Cop.

Rumors have been clouding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's lives recently. A newly surfaced story claimed that Prince Harry is looking to leave Los Angeles and come back home to the UK. Gossip Cop also divulged that the rumor is false.

This week's story on "New Idea" featured Prince Harry and Markle's LA neighbors notifying the police for a massive fight. The cover also vowed for a shocking footage of the crude happening, along with photos of their residence and the police car.

An anonymous source said the Sussexes were constantly quarreling behind closed doors of their LA residence. It was also claimed that Markle is dissatisfied with their relocation. "She feels extremely slighted that it hasn't worked out that way, coronavirus shutdown or not," Spotboye reported.

The actual story does not deliver the anticipated promises. The unidentified source said moving to LA "completely backfired."

Also, the debunked article further noted, "She married a prince, not a hobo, but in her angrier moments she rants that she can't tell the difference."

The Sussexes and one-year-old Archie have been residing at Tyler Perry's $18 million mansion in Beverly Hills, according to News You Can USe.

The dubious insider further added that the duchess is not pleased that Prince Harry is not making the best efforts to assimilate into Hollywood and always wears the same gray polo shirt.

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Gossip Cop denoted that none of the information provided is what the cover story alludes: the bait claim about the police officers being called to the Sussexes' residence to tackle a fight.

The portal made it clear that the police car on their cover was not present to stop the alleged massive fight, but due to drones flying over their home, apparently manipulated by the paparazzi. The police arrived for a different purpose, thus the fight news is absolutely false.

The supposed royal source cited said that Prince Harry and Markle have taken additional security measures since their relocation and that armed guards and cops would immediately protect them in case of danger. Gossip Cop sees a blatant bait-and-switch, commonly used in cover stories.

Regarding drones hovering over their home, according to a source, "They don't know who's flying them. They assume it's probably photographers, but they can't be sure of that assumption."

The couple has sought to make security measures more rigid after President Donald Trump clarified that their adopted house was not paying security bills.

In case of an emergency that required police officers to be called to their property, they have had panic buttons installed that they could push to immediately summon assistance.

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