Meghan Markle may have now renounced her membership as a senior member of the British royal family, but her presence in the UK left its mark. According to experts, her first speech as a duchess outshone Kate Middleton.

When Markle was married into the royal household for the past few, quick years, numerous tabloids started assessing her behavior compared to Middleton. This ranged from her clothes to all the pieces she mentioned, the media and public seemed to always have an opinion, especially if Middleton had exhibited related habits before her.

Middleton has long been a working member of the royal family since 2011 and over the duration, she has proved that she is a natural and beyond. The public never gets tired of hearing her talk or watching her undertake her duties at royal engagements and events.

However, according to body language expert Judi James, she has compared the Duchess of Cambridge's first-ever royal speech with that of the Duchess of Sussex and there was one apparent winner in her opinion.

The two duchesses are remarkably different individuals with varying styles of handling and managing their royal engagements, supporters, critics, royal experts, etc.

"Kate clearly has the natural 'stardust' factor that her husband lacks, but her speech-making style has previously been over-cautious, led by what looks like a strong desire to get it right and avoid mistakes," the royal expert observed.

James stated, "It looked mannered and choreographed, with too many regular pauses that were timed regardless of context. These are often used to slow a fast speaker down, but good modern speakers tend to put authenticity over a 'perfect' delivery that lacks impact."

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Middleton reportedly was trained with much coaching for her first royal speech, but James remarked that her first time left a lot to be desired, as the duchess was shy upon being married into the monarchy.

The speech seemed lacked warmth and overly coached.

The expert explained that pauses are only used to slow down a fast speaker, but authenticity is more favored over a seemingly perfect delivery that is short of impact.

Markle, meanwhile, has a wealth of proficiency in learning lines and performing when she was an actress in Hollywood.

The former "Suits" actress did not even read through notes in her speech delivery. Learning lines was a skill that comes more naturally to her than Middleton.

For this very reason, James believed that Markle bested Middleton for the former's authentic speaking style.

Since the declaration of Megxit in January, the Duchess of Sussex has been targeted by the public eye more than before. Before she and Prince Harry renounced their membership from the royal family, she was not a future Queen, but she was still compared to the Duchess of Cambridge.

A new memoir about Kensington Palace slated to be released entitled "Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle" authored by Tom Quinn.

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