An industry videographer who previously worked with Meghan Markle before she met her current husband Prince Harry has divulged that she was dubbed as a "princess." This was due to her "difficult and demanding" behavior on a shoot during her "Suits."

According to the professional cameraman, Markle brought a large entourage with her on the set and laid down a rigid set of rules --such as not to shoot her feet.

He recalled that he was cautioned about Markle's high-maintenance behavior before working with her.

"She was very high maintenance and rude," the unnamed videographer observed. "She was difficult and demanding. 'People told me, 'get ready because she is a lot'. They used to call her 'the princess.'"

He added, "When I saw her, right away from the moment she arrived, I didn't even know who she was and she was acting like a diva. It was the attitude, how she talked to people, the rules."

The videographer lauded her for being easy to shoot.

"Once you say 'action', she knows how to do her job. But after the camera stops, she's not the most friendly person."

Markle's feet became an interesting subject of conversation following her taking off her shoes at a royal tour in New Zealand in 2018 when she revealed what looked like a scar from a bunion-removal operation.

The former "Suits" actress also asserted on having expensive champagne during the shoot and demanded she be provided full approval over all the footage, acting like she was a "superstar."

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The videographer who worked on a promotional project with Markle in Toronto, Canada reminisced that she arrived wearing a (baseball) cap, hiding her face with her head bowed and merely walked towards the make-up room. He alluded her to a diva who did not want people to see her, such as when one is walking on the street and is evading the paparazzi who wanted her picture.

It was also said that she is the boss and one would have the impression of walking on eggshells.

Markle also reportedly traumatized the videographer's team member because of her rude attitude.

Although the anonymous videographer affirmed to have a bad working experience with prince Harry's wife, he later heard from a colleague that she was pleasant to engage with.

The accusation is amid news that she and the Duke of Sussex are eyeing a home in one of Los Angeles' most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods worth $12.5 million.

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, dipped her toes back to the acting scene with the release of her voice -over for Disney's "Elephant" this year.

Recent reports on Markle's prima donna antics back in her Hollywood years came up amid similar news that the supposedly difficult actress-turned duchess mistreated the Kensington Palace staff.

She reportedly shouted at her sister-in-law Kate Middleton's staff and ultimately earned herself some witty and demeaning nicknames from the help. These included "Me-Gain," the "Duchess of Difficult," "Di 2," and "Di Lite." The "Di" is assumed to refer to the late Princess Diana and not diva.

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