Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have piqued the media and public's interest since their reunion at the Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier this year. Past rumors alluded to Pitt proposing to Aniston to tie the knot for the second time, and now the pair will reportedly officially announce their relationship in a special interview.

Reports about speculations about Pitt and Aniston getting back together have given a wave of excitement among fans.

Online portals suggest that they will soon be featured in an interview where they will be sharing all details about their reunion.

Recent reports suggested that former married couple Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not on good terms amid hearsay that the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor has rekindled his romance with Aniston.

Published on "Life & Style," on April 13, 2020, Jolie reportedly gave Pitt an ultimatum upon learning about his alleged relationship with the "Friends" actress.

The "Salt" actress reportedly made her former lover choose between dumping Jennifer or she will appeal for full custody of their kids. A source said that Jolie prohibited Pitt from introducing Aniston to their children until the divorce is finalized.

Pitt and Aniston were once dubbed as America's "golden couple." The photogenic pair got together at the peak of their fame and eventually became one of the most photographed couples in the world. However, no official announcement has been released regarding these matters.

Pitt and his ex-wife Aniston shared a special moment together when they congratulated each other for winning at the SAG Awards at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in January.

The pair, who split in 2005 after the Brangelina affair, was photographed hugging and smiling at each other as they were spotted in one frame backstage.

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Pitt received the award for best supporting actor for his character in Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood." Aniston took home the award for her role in "The Morning Show."

However, Aniston once said in a 2018 interview with "Elle" that she has moved past the obsession with marriage and procreation.

"Why do we want a happy ending? How about just a happy existence? A happy process? We're all in process constantly," she pointed out,

She presumed that perhaps women "haven't figured out that they have the power, that they have the ability to achieve a sense of inner happiness."

Reports suggested that the duo is having twins via surrogacy, while others suggest that Aniston is opting for adoption.

"Woman's Day Australia" revealed that the lovebirds are finalizing the host for the interview with too many good options.

In the tell-tale interview, they are believed to share the reason why they got back together after 15 years. They are said to be possibly featured on Ellen Degeneres' show, Oprah Winfrey's or Ryan Seacrest's show.

Negotiations on their interview will apparently set the record straight once and for all.

No obvious signs of a revived romance have yet emerged, but it was confirmed that Pitt and Aniston have bonded to become friends again. It was said that a renewed rapport requires serious work on Pitt's part.

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