Russian President Vladimir Putin deploys 700 Russian sharpshooters to take part in wargames, sparking World War 3 fears, close to the Ukraine border. The presence of these specialists only increases suspicions by Kiev and the allies that something is up.

The west has been accusing Russia of machinations to invade Ukraine angered the Kremlin as false and irresponsible.

Washington has been vocal against Moscow which responded by readying hypersonic missiles and carriers close to the border.

The allies are stoking the Ukraine border

There are demands for the Russian Federation to remove its force because the west is convinced of the roll-out of troops soon, report the Sun UK.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov indicates information that Russian forces are intent on an invasion any time in late January.

Moscow leader instead said that it's Kiev who wants Crimea returned as the real threat to peace. Three of the four sites of the war drills close to the border have the sniper units included.

The specialist snipers are practicing in camouflage where to shoot and how to slow down infantry forces.

One military spokesman said the troops from sharpshooters are based in the Western Military District's combined army that includes units from Voronezh, Belgorod, Bryansk, and Smolensk regions, cited Nairaland.

Troops are practicing how to do long-distance shooting hand to hand combat.

Fears of an imminent assault called by the Kremlin as jitters noted the BBC. Kiev guided by advice from the US has denounced this buildup of massive numbers of Russian troops. Putin deploys 700 Russian sharpshooters to warn the US and NATO to be careful.

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Moscow officials ignore what Kiev is saying because Russia is not provoking anyone, instead its Kiev forces in Donetsk and Luhansk who are pro-Russian region under aggressive threat mentioned Interfax.

A military scenario is getting closer if NATO had its way

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Ministry reminded the Ukraine government that they are pushing for a military clash by siding with the Allies and the US who are stoking tension.

He added that NATO is destroying the prospect of peaceful resolution because it does not consider the Kremlin's input on how to lessen the heightened tension.

Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov from Moscow told the Ukrainians that Russian troops might move to secure its citizens; residing in the region of Donbas where a rebellion is in place. He added their citizens will not be abandoned.

There is hope for a peaceful resolution but the allies according to Russian officials have tried to spy with recon planes, primarily Americans and Britain.

Ukraine and Russia have been at the border for several weeks, sending troops that came with accusations of invasion. While the US fueled speculation of an attack that ended in Putin kicking US officials in from the capital.

According to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Moscow annexed in 2014 the Crimean province. Efforts to free the region was by diplomacy but things are shifting to a more violent alternative that caused changes like wanting to join NATO.

Attempts to retake Crimea are seen as a threat to Moscow, which Putin will not allow. The Kremlin charges NATO, Kiev, and the US as aggressors despite what they say is false.

Vladimir Putin deploys 700 Russian sharpshooters as a warning to the west Russian will not stand by. Instead, it will do what's necessary to keep Crimea.

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