A prediction by an expert says Joe Biden's failure to stop a Ukraine invasion is likely, as Vladimir Putin's upgraded weapon systems are overwhelming enough to shake NATO to its core.

Several factors are now in Russian President Vladimir Putin's favor, leaving the west unsure of defending Kyiv. Test of the anti-satellite killer missile is a signal that space is within the Kremlin's reach. Squashing hopes space is a safe domain from the Russian leader.

Threats to the US, the EU

Brandon Weichert, an expert knowledgeable of US status in space, gave views on recent developments. He is also aware that Moscow can cause as much trouble on the Ukraine-Russia border, reported by the Express UK.

Mentioning that up in space and on earth, Russia is not fiddling about, but it is a purposeful action orchestrated to the last move.

The Kremlin's Anti-Satellite test (ASAT) has done its job and made the west flinch, which could have wrecked the International Space Station. It nearly forces NASA to evacuate all personnel on the station, which is almost the same as 100,000 Russian troops on the Ukraine border.

Mr. Weichert calls the moves of Vladimir Putin a very thorough strategy. If Joe Biden's failure to stop a Ukraine invasion happens, all the tools at his disposal are causing disarray for the Western allies. Running ram shod over his co-world leaders, cited Big World Tale.

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An ASAT attack nudged the US and the west saying their resources in space could be demolished with this deterrence. Like the Kremlin leader said, I can stop you in space, which terrifies Washington and Brussels. He added Moscow's long game to stop the US, especially from using its satellites and outer space resources. Like throwing sand and blinding the US with spectacular deterrence.

Mr. Weichert says anytime now the borders will be lit NATO will have to fend for itself, the UK forces will be in for it as well. Biden will not send US forces because he knows the odds; the cannon fodder will be lost.

Russia's anti-satellite test

America and its satellite constellation are crucial targets to blind the US should Russian forces roll over the Ukraine border. Vladimir Putin, the terminator, will buy time to secure the border and mitigate NATO or US intervention, noted Time.

For sure, the threat of an ASAT shooting down multiple targets is tense and scary. Putin will not be a problem, and Western Army cannot fight well cut off from outer space systems. When little green men rush the border, it's crushing time for Brussels and the UK.

Mr. Weichert added that resistance would fall, nor will the US back its allies, like the overrunning of Hungary. Moscow might order its troops to conquer Ukraine in 2021 or 2022, and it is so close.

President Putin has maneuvered everything in Ukraine; will Biden allow US forces and allies to fight against Russian might for only Ukraine. Will the west go all the way to fight another world war too?

The Kremlin is definite Biden does not have the spine to commit everyone in war; Putin loaded the bases to get what he wants.

Should Joe Biden's failure to stop a Ukraine invasion happen, it shows that the Kremlin's long game has been correct. Another minus to US reputation that will be damaged more

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