President Joe Biden's popularity continues to dwindle, with more Americans opposed his seeking re-election in 2024 than were opposed to his predecessor, Donald Trump.

On Sunday, fresh polling data from USA Today and Suffolk University revealed that Biden's approval rating had dropped to a new low. It also highlighted that Republicans are now ahead of Democrats in the polls ahead of the midterm elections in 2022.

When asked whether they wanted Biden to run for president again in 2024, 64 percent said they didn't want him to. Democrats made about 28% of the total, Newsweek via MSN reported.

Biden's approval rating plummets as his administration struggle with several issues

The majority of Americans also oppose Trump seeking re-election in 2024, but at a lesser proportion than those who oppose Biden. Some 58 percent stated they would vote against Trump standing for president again in 2024. Notably, just 24% of Republicans were included, implying that Trump is still more popular among Republicans than Biden is among Democrats.

According to over half of Americans, around 46 percent, Biden has done a poorer job than predicted. In addition, the president's approval rating has dropped to a new low of 38%. Meanwhile, in the 2022 midterm elections, 46% of Americans plan to vote for a Republican congressional representative, while just 38% plan to vote for a Democrat.

Meanwhile, 44% of left-leaning voters prefer a new candidate on the Democratic presidential ballot in 2024 because they believe someone other than incumbent President Joe Biden has a greater chance of winning, as per Daily Mail.

According to a survey issued by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National, 36% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents believe their party has a greater chance of keeping Biden at the head of the ticket for a second term.

Twenty percent of those polled are undecided. On the other hand, former President Donald Trump has a higher chance of winning in 2024 than any other GOP contender, according to half of Republicans.

Another 35% believe that someone other than Trump has a higher chance of winning the White House in 2024, while 14% of Republicans and right-leaning voters are undecided.

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Republicans remain adamant in supporting Donald Trump

Trump has not announced if he would run for president in 2024, but he has hinted that he may do so after the 2022 midterm elections. In any case, more Democrats and left-leaning people believe that a candidate other than Biden has a greater chance of defeating a Republican opponent.

During his 2020 campaign, Biden stated that he was not running for a single term. The president's popularity rating is falling as Democrats prepare for the 2022 midterm elections, in which they will try to keep their modest House and Senate majority - and maybe increase them.

According to the latest survey, Biden has a 44 percent approval rating and a 49 percent disapproval rating, down from 45 percent approval and 46 percent disapproval in the October Marist poll.

According to a few sites that report Biden's average approval rating based on many national surveys, the president had more approval than disapproval in the first seven months of his office. However, that changed in August when several separate difficulties began troubling his administration.

Several Republican lawmakers, including several future presidential candidates, spoke at the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas this weekend, with an eye on both the midterm elections and 2024. The election results this week have been interpreted by many as a foreshadowing of what is to come in the midterm elections.

Per ABC News, attendees want to maintain GOP victories in the presidential election of 2024, with potential candidates presenting their case without announcing their plans publicly. While there has been plenty of debate about Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin's decision to keep Trump at arm's length, the majority of the speakers in Las Vegas were adamant in their support for Trump.

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