After the communication between the two Koreas went dead for a while, Kim Jong-un opened a direct line with South Korea after he snubbed Biden's offer. The North Korean promised to restart a long stall peace process that ended a while. Hopefully, this process will yield a holding peace.

A pivotal decision by the supreme leader should push the two Koreas in the peninsula to a better relationship.

This seems to be a move by Kim is, as he said, a positive move in the right direction that will restore the rift that tore them apart in the Korea War.

North Korea's noteworthy move to open communication with the South

According to the North's official Korean Central News Agency, the North Korean leader ordered all the relevant agencies in Pyongyang to open the line to the Seoul government on October 4, at precisely 9:00 a.m. As he ordered in a prior report to have a negotiated peace outside of Joe Biden's administration, reported the Express UK.

One statement said that Seoul should try to work to allow North-South ties to move in the right direction. Noteworthy is the emphasis on opening up the future and keep in mind what opening the lines of communication implies, cite FR24.

He spoke a week ago in the NoKor parliament, and he said moving to restore hotlines of communication is to ensure peace for the two Koreas.

Kim opens direct line with South Korea, and the decision is for the South to do what is needed to allow relations to flourish. He implied if the South truly wants peace, it knows what it has to do.

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Tale of Two Koreas

The two capitals in the Korean Peninsula have been at odds and peace, but both have on and off attempted to forge a lasting peace. Both have been at war since the end of the Korean war but have to keep an uneasy truce.

Seoul and Pyongyang have been attempting to rebuild ties between the two nations, even though the two countries are still technically in a state of war, noted New 7 Trends.

For all accounts, the two Koreas have never buried the hatchet from 1950 to 1953 in an armistice.

Pyongyang stated that both want peace, but it will be how the South conducts itself to ensure that. The US government supports Seoul, and that is where they have to decide.

The South unification ministry informed that on Monday, so many months after the hotline was abandoned. One of the first calls after the August tumult last year.

But the South Korean ministry says the Pyongyang-Seoul line has been severed many times, there is a need to study how to recover lost relations.

A year ago, the North shut down all the communication with a line to both leaders were closed as well. It was not smooth sailing when it got hotter later, and Kim opened the communication in August this year.

Kim Jong-un opened a direct line with South Korea after he deemed the US president not straightforward with his agenda.

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