The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ignores Joe Biden's offer to reopen talks with the US after it stalled the last time. His reason is that the American's have not honestly considered Pyongyang's intention. This comes as another world leader shrugs off Biden.

He called the US president's offer not sincere and continuing a policy of hostility against North Korea.

Many have criticized Biden for his approach to foreign policy, like managing the Kabul Debacle or the AUKUS, which did not go smoothly.

North Korea ignores US offer

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had spoken parliament last Wednesday, dismissing US President Joe Biden's proposal to initiate talks, reported the Express UK.

Instead, he has given commands, on the other hand, for officials to reopen engagement with South Korea to add to efforts to "advance peace."

The last time Pyongyang and Washington had a meeting was last February 2019 at the Hanoi summit.

When then-President Donald Trump suggested days just before the summit that he didn't need Kim to make any more commitments, the discussions collapsed apart. Trump added that if there is no nuclear testing, everything will be acceptable. Nuclear weapons have been a big issue with the US.

The Biden administration reached out and told Kim Jong Un that it was ready to restart talks.

According to Rodong Sinmun newspaper, Kim Jong Un ignores Joe Biden's offer because of the lack of resolve the dilemma of North Korea with finality. All the past administration has not come close to Trump but got sidelined by events, cited NDTV.

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Kim Jong Un added that South Korea does follow America, mutual respect must be ensured, and South Korea must abandon biased viewpoints and a double standard approach.

The NoKor leader is not interested in talking to the US, despite Washington saying it had no hostile intent to North Korea last Wednesday. Negotiations are welcome if Pyongyang agrees to meet.

According to an unidentified State Department spokesperson, saying that they are waiting for a favorable response. One of the reasons for keeping mum on the US request to dialogue comes after North Korea tested a short-range missile, stated it military. The test was conducted in the eastern sea last Tuesday, said reports.

The two Koreas and nuclear reactors

Japanese Defense Ministry officials stated that it suspects a ballistic missile tested in the east sea, though the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff did not add other inputs.

Recently, both the North and South Korea missile tests were launched on the 15th of September. They were barely a few hours for each launch, noted ABC NewsNoKor shot two ballistic missiles from its eastern coast, only the first test launches of these kinds of missiles in the last six months.

A month ago, satellite images and open-source information sources had cited activity related to nuclear power plants, cited the Economic Times.

The information came out that the formerly dormant main nuclear complex at Yongbyon, which houses a 5-megawatt reactor, was registering activity to make plutonium used to manufacture atom bombs with weapons-grade uranium. The Supreme Leader offered to dismantle it for lifting sanctions in 2019 but did not continue with it. Kim Jong Un ignores Joe Biden's offer for now but is waiting for hefty concessions to make it worth it.

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