Doubt over the Coronavirus source prompted Chinese media actions to quote a fake Swiss biologist to discredit claims as not credible. Beijing has mentioned the US reports that were designed to push the lab leak agenda of Washington to prominence.

Since the start of the pandemic, doubts over the origin of the virus have hounded China as the US accused them of causing it or manufacturing it.

Foremost is that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is keen to deny the claims of the US and called it a fantasy.

Is the scientist not real?

Sources say that Wilson Edwards is the Swiss scientist who accused the US of putting pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to probe the Wuhan leak theory further, reported the Sun UK.

Several Chinese media and the state television network used the scientist to prove that the story of the leak is to push Washington's influence.

The unknown scientist alleged that Washington's re-interest in the probe has only politicized it, even the WHO, which must be impartial to all parties, noted the Express UK.

It seems that Dr. Edwards said that the international scientific community was not pleased with the US reaction.

Even the Swiss embassy affirmed that he did not exist, with no such citizen identified with no articles written and published in institutions.

A representative spoke to the Times and had this to say about the fake person, asking him to introduce himself to prove he exists. Called him a fake and asked Chinese press and netizen to ignore and delete the posts.

Most consider Chinese media quotes a fake Swiss biologist a ruse to get pressure off them if it can.

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More developments

To give Dr. Edwards more credibility, a Facebook page made on July 24 said he was from Bern, in the Swiss Capital, and even a profile snapshot of the Radcliffe Camera building at Oxford University.

Further investigation of the post showed it was published the same day it was made. But noticeably, it was comments directed at Chinese media.

One claim in the post is that Joe Biden wants to build US influences in the organization.

But backlash about whether the Swiss scientist is the real deal led to the suspicious removal, with a mention in Chinese media if Edwards was removed from their alleged reports.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the WHO said that the virus leak could not be discounted and said China must verify the origin of the coronavirus.

When he spoke at the G7 Summit briefs, he mentioned that the theory, despite the lack of evidence, is still in play for calling the lack of desire for transparency and help from Beijing as necessary to the probe.

Noting that working with the Chinese will help get to finally know where and how it was made or other relevant info about the virus. If there is another probe in the future, the WHO boss said it must be cooperative and transparent to conclude.

One expert intimated that China might start a manhunt for those responsible for the alleged leak and silence them.

According to Ross Terrill,83, a Chinese expert from Harvard's Fairbank Center, remarked that Xi Jinping might accept a possible freak lab mishap to avoid getting shamed. He added that China would find a fall guy and let them be the scapegoat, making those blaming China look bad.

The Chinese media quotes a fake Swiss biologist to have a way to discredit the west, but somehow, it's not working on throwing off the virus-hunters.

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