Jingwei and his daughter Dong Yan are allegedly reported to have fled China to fly to the US without the knowledge of the CCP. The father and daughter are rumored to have handed the evidence, concerning the Wuhan lab leak theory. 

Why Jingwei is a high-value defector

Since last year, the former Trump administration was insisting China to admit that the WIV in Wuhan was the cause of the lab leak. Now, the alleged evidence carried by the ex-CCP official has made the present US administration rethink and reinvestigate on the viral leakage theory, reported the Sun.

Based on the valuable data carried by the CCP defector, what was considered a conspiracy theory could be proven to be valid.

There is a speculation that the virus leakage came from the WIV or some other labs in Wuhan with a documentation consisting of accomplished studies on bats and coronaviruses.

News of Jingwei's escape from mainland China was reported on February 10, as per SpyTalk.

Who is Jingwei Dong?

Since 2018, Jingwei Dong, a Chinese politician,  has served as Vice Minister of State Security and head of counterintelligence for the Chinese Ministry of State Security (also known as the Guoanbu).

If all the rumors on defection are verified and proven true, Dong would be deemed as the highest-ranked defector in the People's Republic of China.

News on the defection was first mentioned during the Sino-American summit in Alaska. 

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The former Chinese foreign ministry official Dr. Han Lianchao, a defector after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, posted on social media a story that said the Chinese diplomats requested Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to send Dong back.

Blinken turned down the request to return the high-level defector during the summit. Later, the US representatives and the Chinese diplomats resorted to denouncing each other.

US officials have not doubted Han. They shared an alleged picture of Dong and also said that he was last seen in the public in September 2020.

In the past year, false rumors of dissidents have circulated. It showed one false claim, suggesting that the leading coronavirus expert Shi Zhengli had switched sides.

Several Chinese news outlets have published Dong's pictures but were censored by the search engine Baidu.

As a result, Jingwei and another vice minister were removed from the Ministry of State Security's official web page. 

The outlet told the Paris-based newsletter Intelligence Online that the defector is favored by the Chinese president Xi Jinping.

With Dong's documents, the top coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci is now under fire.

More problems with the defector are reported

A report by the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong-based paper owned by Alibaba, revealed that the spy chief still had public appearances.

Dong just gave a talk about counter espionage in a seminar last Friday, warning that spies should look out for those working with anti-China forces.

China is accused of keeping secrets and that the CCP officials have doctored the figures to hide the real death toll. Chinese spymaster Dong Jingwei may hold the answers to many questions on this controversial topic once the Wuhan lab leak is proven to be true.  

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