The HMS Queen Elizabeth, with its battle group, entered the South China Sea even after a warning; Beijing says the UK needs a beating down. This comes as the Royal Navy is more actively involved in countering the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) in unison with the US.

Last Thursday, the British supercarrier and multi-national group arrived at the South China Sea, as Beijing threatens it with missile attacks. They will be engaged in drills to improve interoperability with allies' navies. The presence of the UK carrier becomes the object of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) wrath.

This drill in the disputed waters to show insurgence to the hegemonic claims of Xi's regime led to public pronouncements that London's defiance means it deserves a good beating for its actions.

UK must not emulate US practice of FONOP

To give weight to what punishment is coming, an editorial in Global Times states that China boasts that the United Kingdom will get what it deserves.

He added that US Navy ships had sailed the 12-nautical-mile limit of Chinese islets in the South China Sea, but the CCP has not fired a shot at any foreign vessels. If the US can do such, it does not mean that other nations can do the same provoking that the Arleigh-Burke class missiles destroyers have been doing through the freedom of navigation operations (FONOP). Doing what the US does is not acceptable, reported the Sun UK.

If the UK thinks it can taunt Beijing in the South China Sea as the US Navy vessels do, it's a wretch attempt to imitate and deserves a significant punishment.

Tuning down its heated rhetoric against the UK, Britain demeaned its status by entering illegal claims of the Communist leadership in Beijing. But, Beijing says the UK's presence is a show of provocation which needs a beating down and cannot be disregarded.

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Furthermore, Beijing said HMS Queen Elizabeth could not defeat China's weaponry and further added that other nations did not do the same to not injure themselves.

Beijing strongly condemns Washington

China is not happy with another supercarrier entering the South China Sea, especially when times are getting heated.

The Royal Navy's location is in the southern parts of the disputed waters, including three Singaporean ships, reports the Straits TimesThis stretch of water is 1.3million square miles where several nations are clashing with China over disputed claims.

Many nations have participated in FONOPs, like the US and UK, and members of the Quad as keeping the sea lanes open. In keeping with showing China that its claims are against International Law.

These efforts made China strongly condemn Washington, tempting a conflict, as a vow to stop Taiwan from becoming independent. Continued demonstrations of what the People's Liberation Army Navy will do to recapture the island enclave, showing how its units intend to crush Taipei's forces.

For a long time, Beijing insists on a One China Policy and considers the recognition of Taiwan as an insult to the People's Republic of China. 

Recently, a US military plane went to Taiwan, and the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has recommended that Taipei get observer status in the World Health Organization (WHO). It bothered the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian, saying the US is asking for trouble.

Beijing says the UK needs a beating down since it is acting as an agent of the US. China will not tolerate it even as the US Navy conducts regular freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea.

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