China's Xi Jinping nuke threat to Japan after it supported Taiwan leads to the deployment of two Britain patrol ships to Indo-Pacific. This serves as a reminder that Beijing is not the only nuclear power, and the Royal Navy brings Queen Elizabeth as an expression of the UK's power. 

London and Beijing are saber-rattling and placing British warships in Asia waters in the wake of the carriers sailing to Japan. This might be incendiary for their relation, and the balance of power. The PLA has been forcing the issue with Taiwan and seizure of reefs that is against international law.

This was declared by the UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace who was visiting Tokyo where he met the Japanese defense chief Nobuo Kishi. Beijing stating it will use nukes against Japan to isolate the island enclave in the event of an invasion, noted the Daily Advent.

Pushback over Xi's territory grab

Japan and the UK are cementing ties to improve cooperation to what is seen as creeping PLA threats all over the East and South China Seas. The concern is for the fate of Taiwan if a full-scale retaking will be done, and the assistance by the allies is needed, reported Express UK.

Two ships will be in the Far East, for now, HMS Spey and Tamar, which are almost 300 feet long offshore patrol vessels with the Royal navy.

The UK envoy with the Japanese official confirms the initial sortie of the battle group that will be followed by the permanent stationing of the two patrol vessels late in 2021.

A planned formal visit by the Royal Navy strike force under HMS Elizabeth will be underway by September. Britain deploys two patrol ships as its contribution to the allied effort to keep China in check.

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No F-35s for China

Onboard the flight deck of the carrier are F-35B Lightning IIs on its first shakedown cruise with two destroyers, frigates, and two support class ships. This also includes US and Dutch Navy ships which makes it an international strike force.

The group is set to pass the South China Sea and several port visits in Singapore, India, and South Korea. Kishi said after the strike forces' arrival that they will be split into destinations for US and Japanese navy bases in the initial voyage.

Destined for Yokosuka Japan is the HMS Queen Elizabeth with naval F-35Bs. It's the home port of the USS Ronald Reagan that is the only US carrier in the Indo-Pacific.

Wallace added that a Littoral Response Group, marine special forces will be doing several missions in Asia. There is no information where the special unit will be based for confidentiality against Chinese intel, cited the Head Topics.

Other than the US, the UK is now active in the Asian region which is the problematic Indo-Pacific, as the current actions were partly fostered by the Trump administration as they face the CCP on all fronts.

Japan has been the closest ally of the US with facilities stationing the most US forces, having the Ronald Reagan, destroyer, plane, and US Marines in the region.

China and its threat

Beijing wants to recapture Taiwan and Japan has been vocal over a possible takeover. Xi does not want to fight an allied force so he says he'll nuke Tokyo.

No one knows how much can Taipei take the force of the PLA if it invades as they are getting harassed by the CCP daily. When Britain deploys two patrol ships later this year, it's a standing reminder to China someone's watching.

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