A woman said that her son-in-law ended her daughter's life brutally, but she later heard through someone in the same prison that he relished what he did. The convicted killer showed no remorse what her did to his wife.

About ten years or more has passed after Catherine Broomfield heard that Kristy Grabham, 23, had died an untimely death. Hearing the news, it took her by surprise.

Based on the reports, the body of the slain woman was discovered inside a suitcase that was discovered by the M4 close to the Bridgend in Wales. It was speculated that the spouse, Paul Grabham was the one who threw out the suit case from a car window.

A marriage ended in murder, and a mother grieved for her unfortunate daughter.

Bad husband

Sources say that Grabham and Kristy were married a few months before he ended his wife's life, placing her in the case. He attempted to fit her easily inside but failed, cited WalesOnline.

Inside the case, the body was still warning when it was found, and indication the victims was killed recently. Before the crime, the couple were both arguing while in a night out in Swansea.

Evidence indicates that the killer ended Kristy's life after she arrived after him. Signs of a physical assault, then cutting her breath.

For the heinous act, he was tried in a Swansea Crown Court but was convicted despite denying the charge. A sentence of nineteen years was given for the conviction. Catherine's son-in-law ended her daughter's life and paid for it, noted FlipBoard.

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A terrible development

After twelve years, the family of Kristy is experiencing pain. Catherine has to relive the awful slaying of her daughter via documentary of what happened years ago.

The family never authorized the serialization, that was aired on July 2021. All the events alleged were for public view, much to the loved one's dismay, reported Mirror UK.

Included in the documentary is a comment from someone who said that Paul Grabham was a fellow inmate. The mother later said the program did not sit well with her.

The anonymous individual mention that convicted killer had boasted how he ended his wife's life, while in prison. Catherine said it made her sick to hear such cold words, and it's hard to forget.

A mother's grief got worse

Hearing how Grabham ended her daughter's life again, even making a big deal in prison has angered the family, with grief and pain. Catherine despised Grabham more, for taking away her child.

After Kristy's untimely passing, the Broomfields were never the same after that. To ease the pain, the mother of Kirsty authored books about abusive relationships, and what to do.

Trauma from the death made her reach out to others, to deal with her own. Many people in the same situation were encouraged to reach out.

Six years ago, she helped a woman leave a toxic relationship with a violent, abusive husband. Telling what happened to Kristy, and made her leave and go to a women's refuge.

Later tragedy for Catherine as Kristy's sister Hayley had died from alcoholism, she said her daughter was a lovely soul.

She has expressed fears for the family's safety, and said that Paul should be transferred. Fear of him has made her consider leaving Swansea. Her son-in-law ended her daughter's life, terrifies till now.

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