The Japanese supreme court agreed to the death sentence given to 74-year-old, Chisako Kakehi, who was found guilty by a lower court in 2017. Her lawyers were unable to keep their client from getting convicted, as evidence proved her intentions and led to the sentence given to her in the end.

On trial, the woman had her lawyers say that she suffered from dementia, which made it hard for her to know what was going on in the court trial, reported the Independent.

Deadly female

Presiding Judge Yuriko Miyazaki stated in the ruling, cited CNN. The Black widow had gotten the services of the match-making agency to meet older men. After getting their trust, they would be poisoned unwittingly by her.

The Judge remarked that it was a cold-blooded crime, which is methodical and thorough to allow here a chance to poison them.

Suspicious Intentions

In 2014, Kakehi was apprehended by police for suspicion of giving poison to Isao Kakehi, her 75-year-old spouse. An examination by the medical examiner detected chemicals in the blood, it was identified as cyanide. The husband died in 2013, several months after getting married. This Black Widow of Japan was given the death penalty due to the evidence presented in court.

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After that, more evidence were found. The court continued the proceeding in the trial of Japan's black widow. After the death of Isao, several men connected to her as common-law partners. They are Masanori Honda, 71, and Minoru Hioki, 75, who were her victims. Another fellow acquaintance, Toshiaki Suehiro, 79, who escaped getting poised by Chisako, cited 9 news.

All the men were killed with the same M.O., and she carried out everything based on her plan. The first three could not have escaped from her thoroughness until she gave cyanide to them.

Victims of Chisako

The Black Widow's victims were mostly elderly men from 50 to 80 years old based on sources. She had relations with six men in all. Of the six, she paid for six of the poisonings, but the other three were not added to her death sentence.

Prosecuting attorney said that Chisako had benefited from her marriages, which was part of her plan. Each spouse had a will and she got the inheritance and insurance payment when her victims passed away.

But, what she gained did not last long because of bad investments and stock markets that ended in debt.

Media attention

Chisako Kakehi planned these conjugal murders from 2007 and 2013, it captured media attention because old men with money were her prey. This gave her the name "Black widow" from the deadly spider.

In November 2017, the Kyoto District Court believes that she had dementia in 2015. But, it was not that serious and was called fit for trial in court. But, her lawyers are undaunted and asked for another evaluation by a psychiatrist, noted by Kyodo News.

Still, the woman says her dementia is not getting better, despite the result of the court's decision to sentence the Black Widow of Japan given the death penalty.

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