The missing remains of 35-year-old Crystal Rogers was discovered in Nelson county. Further investigation is still ongoing to determine if the recovered body is indeed that of Rogers. Hence, the Nelson County authorities have not given extra information on the specifics yet. The remains were found in a remote place which they not expected to see the body of Rogers, reported WTQV.

The WHAS11 News has gotten hold of information that the family of the victim was told that human remains were found in "difficult to reach location" in the Nelson County.

Police said that the findings is assumed to be what is left of the victim since 2015. The human remains of the victim were uncovered only by accident at the border of Nelson and Washington county.

One of the sources privy to the case made the remark that it was the last location where the victim was seen and disappeared without a trace in 2015.

A report from the police mentioned that remains were found on Thursday. But since the location is not easy to access, the FBI's Evidence Response Team was called in Friday to help retrieve the remains that might be Rogers.

The body was transferred to the Quantico Lab of the FBI, Virginia to confirm the identity of the human remains from Nelson County.

Crystal Rogers who is she

One of the last instances that she was seen alive was when she saw her boyfriend Brooks Houck at their family farm, mentioned Daily Mail.

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Houck informed the police that when they went to bed, she was still at his place. When he woke up, Rogers was no longer by his side and he doesn't have any idea about where she went.

With Rogers missing for some time, Nelson County Sheriff's Department considered her boyfriend as a person of interest in the investigation. Despite the lingering suspicion, the police have never questioned or charged him at all.

Months after the disappearance, Houck was named as the main suspect in the case, but still, he has never been charged.

Regarding the test results from Quantico, Nelson County Sheriff Department has kept mum about it.

The detectives of Nelson County were busy looking over the site, where the remains were found to look for signs or evidence for foul play.

Authorities reveal that no announcement will be aired for the privacy of the family that suffered the loss.

Crystal Roger is one of the publicized missing person cases, since this Kentucky woman has been gone from 2015. Her being missing has been a source of stories that was never solved. But this is not the only case of a missing person which took years before finding the body. Other cases have no closure and are still ongoing investigation, cited Oxygen.

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