The race to vaccinate encountered more roadblocks on Thursday. Numerous patients at a North Carolina mass vaccination site experiences immediate reactions to the Johnson & Johnson dose. One day previously, 11 people had unfavorable reactions in Denver, ranging from nausea and dizziness.

Johnson & Johnson's Side Effects

According to health officials in North Carolina on Thursday, they halted administering the vaccine doses at a mass vaccination site in Raleigh and Chapel Hill and Hillsborough clinics. This followed at least 26 people experiencing adverse side effects, including fainting. Four people were hospitalized for further evaluation, and state and federal health officials are surmising the matter.

Thirteen people at the Colorado vaccination site experienced unfavorable side effects from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Wednesday. It closed operations for the day. Officials did not divulge the kinds of reactions experienced by less than one percent of the over 1,700 people provided shots at Commerce City's Dick's Sporting Goods Park, reported New York Post.

Medical staff determined two people required additional observation and were admitted to nearby hospitals for further help. The nine others who became sick were provided water and juice prior to being cleared to go home, reported NPR.

However, Colorado public health officials declared that they found no sign of a problem following the unprecedented number of side effects from Johnson & Johnson's novel coronavirus vaccine on Thursday. None of them became severely ill. It was an uncommon number in less than four hours since merely ten people suffered adverse reactions.

According to Dr. Eric France, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's chief medical officer, "After reviewing each patient's symptoms, analyzing other vaccinations from the same lot of the vaccine and speaking with the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to confirm our findings. We are confident in saying that there is no reason for concern. We are committed to making sure every community clinic is well-staffed with medical professionals who take patient safety with the utmost seriousness, just as they did at yesterday's clinic," reported DP.

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Those who suffered from the symptoms made up less than 1% of the people inoculated that day. According to Dr. Luis Ostrosky, chief of infectious diseases at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, Colorado medical officials halted inoculations out of an abundance of caution.

Dr. Shauna Gulley, a Centura Health chief clinical officer, stated they have no reason to think there is anything wrong with the COVID-19 vaccine itself. She added this is a temporary halting of one brand of vaccine so they could probe into the matter further.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reactions including fainting are not unusual after an individual is immunized. It is assessing reports of unfavorable reactions in North Carolina and three other states. All those transferred to hospitals are expected to recuperate, local health officials remarked. Kim McDonald, medical director at Wake County Human Services, said they are working with the CDC and NC DHHS (the state Department of Health and Human Services) to further assess the situation to affirm everyone is confident in their ongoing safety vaccine operations.

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