Biden's infrastructure plan, said Trump, is the biggest tax hike in U.S. history. Trump added that the proposed tax plan would affect the economy in many untold ways.

This move by the Biden Administration has several issues that will hurt America. His plan can compare to removing Trump-era border policies that quickly resulted in immigration chaos, except this time it will be economic chaos.

Biden's Infrastructure Plan Not the Smartest

Former President Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden's new infrastructure plan stating that it will impose higher taxes on the Americans and that the proposed spending will be problematic for an already stressed economy. It could be economic suicide considering all the items included in the bill, as reported by the Epoch Times.

The statement released Wednesday slammed the tax plan, which is the biggest one from the White House. During elections, the ex-president warned Biden would raise taxes, and it happened in Trillions of dollars. Then former Vice-President Biden was not allegedly transparent in his tax plans during the campaign period.

Biden to put America last

To pass the infrastructure plan will cost Americans jobs as collateral damage. Workers and their families will suffer from factories shut down because of taxes imposed by the federal government. Many businesses will be affected by high taxes; one example is main streets with closed businesses by the dozen.

Some sectors call Biden an Obama 2.0, with he plans to do the next four years. Biden's infrastructure plan will impose exorbitant taxes to fund the Democrats' socialist agenda.

Trump warned that Biden's actions would allow China to overtake the American economy, giving the CCP the upper hand. Another unwelcome development is the administration's imposing higher taxes which will create fewer jobs for U.S. citizens.

Joe Biden's $2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Disguises Socialism

If it gets too expensive for companies in America to do business, kiss factories and jobs goodbye. All will go to China that will overcome the U.S. economically due to Biden's infrastructure initiatives.

Trump added that companies doing business in China should be penalized, not rewarded by the Biden administration. It is likely jobs are going to China, make outsourcing an option for U.S. companies. It should be America first to get jobs and more money, not America last, which Biden is leaning to do.

The ex-president during his administration and campaigns always put America first with these measures. Part of Trump's pro-US plans was to create more jobs and reduce unemployment, raising the Dow Jones indexes for a healthy economy. Avoiding high taxes, which Biden is willing to do, argued that expensive taxes and regulations drive business from U.S. shores.

President Joe Biden started promoting the $2 trillion budget proposal on Wednesday. Included in the proposal are a broad climate change and social welfare agenda as main items. Providing for infrastructure as well, while the White House hopes it is widely accepted.

The proposal is to provide funding to fight climate change and everything needed to accomplish it. No explanation is provided how most for money for Biden's infrastructure plan yet, and it comes in two parts.

It will add another burden to American taxpayers after the $1.9 Trillion bills on COVID Relief, a partisan bill. Democrats are dead set on passing it despite the massive drawbacks.

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