According to House GOP, Joe Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure will be a surprise. The Democrat's bill is full of items that will drive unwanted socialism into law.The Democrats are bent on sponsoring bills to push their agenda. Even if the GOP objects, the DEMs plan to pass it as partisan bill.

Joe Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure bill is a Socialists Trojan Horse

According to Rep. Ralph Norman, "absolute socialism" might be around the bend in the United States if the new infrastructure bill is passed by Democrats. This is one that floated during the elections, reported the Epoch Times.

The Democrat-controlled Senate is working on a major spending bill. They hoped President Joe Biden would sign it by the end of September. While campaigning, Biden presented a $2 trillion infrastructure bill that got flak.

Conservatives reject absolute socialism, but it is a Trojan horse to pass it. A Republican congressman and real estate developer expressed concern about the nation's debt. He added the White House did not consider how to pay for their taxpayers' money spending spree.

If passed, the expenses will be $320 billion charged to all Americans. All taxes will be based on a transportation bill that the lower House approved. It all gets better when the $2 trillion costs have no transparency.

Sources say that the president will talk to his policymakers soon. Jen Psaki told the press about Joe Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure bill but never elaborated on it. The last bill had parts they added last minute to pass unobstructed.

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Democrats said the package would finance about $1 trillion in funding for highways, bridges, rail lines, electric vehicle charging stations, and the cellular network, among other things. The bill will be used to shift to "green" energy that has been controversial because it was not accepted.

A second section would propose worker benefits such as free community college, mandatory pre-kindergarten, and paid family leave, and others.

The DEMs want to tax those with higher earnings to pay for everything in the bill. Like the first bill, this might be a bailout for Democrat states. Republican-led states that are doing better will pay more.

Norman added that those working on the bill are not in touched with reality. He called Biden, and his administration will not formulate a good bill. He said that the bill is not smart with the country's $30 trillion in debt.

Many are going bankrupt from Medicare to Social Security. The bill will force the government to pay for everything. Biden wants to give money, but he wants a disastrous tax hike. 

Rep. Norman was the same as Mitch McConnell's barbs aimed at the Democrats. The new bill is a Trojan horse that allows tax hikes and left-wing agenda to be made into law.

Biden's tax hike is insensitive that will hurt America and taxpayers that will sink the U.S. Economy. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson made a temporary 10% income tax surcharge on both individuals and companies that will cause a recession.

To pass Joe Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure bill will be the absolute socialist Trojan horse. This will not be good as added to removing the filibuster and passing the T.R.1.

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