Even if we would not be able to make it to a theater, for the time being, Netflix is premiering over 70 movies in 2021 to keep us entertained at the comfort of our home.

Netflix's 2021 Movie Lineup

The 2021 series of films is star-studded, including Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Reynolds, and runs the spectrum from buddy comedies to action flicks to romantic dramas.

Netflix has been a companion for people in 2020. For one thing, the United States streaming platform is one of the most popular in the world, garnering especially huge numbers for the films and television shows it released during a pandemic that confined people indoors, reported Flicks.

A new year means new content. 2021 is already inundated with viral-hit-in-the-making new Netflix movies, reported Fansided.

Here are films scheduled to hit Netflix this 2021:

1. 'Hook'

This fantasy epic is an absolute charm that, despite being panned when it first premiered, has cultivated a cult following since. Among the big names in this film are Robin Williams and Julia Roberts.

The movie screams 90s, following an older Robin Hood who is a functioning alcoholic, reported What's on Netflix.

2. 'A Boy Called Christmas'

Directed by Gil Kenan, this film narrates the story of an ordinary young boy name Nikolas who sets out on a remarkable adventure into the snowy north in order to navigate his father, who is on a quest to discover Elfhelm, the fabled village of the elves.

He takes with him a strong-willed reindeer named Blitzen and a loyal mouse. He soon meets his destiny in this enchanting comic and endearing narrative that proves nothing is impossible.

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3. 'Malcolm and Marie'

In this romantic drama, Zendaya teams up again with Euphoria creator Sam Levinson. She and her filmmaker boyfriend (John David Washington) return home from his movie release and contend in an intense argument.

According to Levinson, Netflix bills Malcolm and Marie as an "ode to the great Hollywood romances." The 12-year age gap between the lead actors has been controversial, though.

4. 'Sweet Girl'

Jason Momoa stars in the film as heartbroken widower Cooper with the mere prospect of longing for justice to people who had a hand in the death of his wife.

With his top priority, Cooper also needs to keep those he loves safe, particularly his daughter, Rachel (Isabela Merced).

5. 'A Week Away'

This Netflix film featuring original music and reinterpreted versions of contemporary Christian songs. The musical's setting is over the course of a significant summer for a troubled teenage boy (Quinn).

When he was given a choice to attend a juvenile detention center or a Christian summer camp, he selects the latter, and the narrative unfolds from there.

6. 'A Monster Calls'

"A Monster Calls" plays out mirroring a classic fairytale narrative akin to the likes of Jack and the Beanstalk or Disney's "Bridge to Terabithia."

The lead young boy invents a friendly monster to help him navigate through his troubles growing up.

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