Which shows (dramas, comedies, reality shows, etc.) were the most disappointing, frustrating, or downright bad? While 2020 introduces us to a couple of gems, including "The Queen's Gambit," "The Haunting of Bly Manor," "Ratched," and Unsolved Mysteries, it also delivered some shows you could have lived without.

The Worst Shows of 2020

In the advent of COVID-19, entertainment has become much more prominent in history due to our isolation in our homes.

As this wretched year is almost in the rear-view mirror, we could take a moment to appreciate the shows that helped us soldier through 2020 -- and bid the unfavorable shows a hearty get-the-hell-out, according to EW.

We have been watching an unprecedented amount of television and Netflix -- from reruns of classic shows to fresh, new offerings. But not all new shows are good shows, reported Yahoo.

If you have not watched these shows, you will know what to avoid next time:

'Jinn'This show is a new Arabic supernatural drama that has set forth much controversy and mayhem from the beginning. The show focuses on magical genies or jinn in Petra. It is in the hands of youngsters to stop them from wreaking havoc on the world.

Five episodes in the series were denounced after one female character was displayed kissing two different men in separate scenes. A Jordanian prosecutor even asked Jordan's Ministry of the Interior's cybercrimes unit to take the initiative to halt the broadcast due to its "immoral scenes," according to Deadline.

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  1. 'Labor of Love'

This series was touted as a navigation of the procreative dilemma facing modern women. However, the Fox reality show never rose above its Bachelorette-seeks-sperm-donor premise.

Kristy and Kyle, her ultimate pick, also broke up a couple of months before the show was broadcasted, making the show a magnet for any or much criticism.

  1. 'October Faction'

This show's narrative follows a monster-hunting couple in a sleepy, small-town and many other supernatural drama cliches. The show actually begins well but eventually gives up.

The plot development is not quite up to the threshold, and the acting by the young characters does not effectively come across. The last episode stirs up excitement, but to get there is endurance.

  1. 'Tiny Creatures'

"Tiny Creatures" is not the standard documentary about animals. It attempts to be a fun watch for children. The problem with this approach is that the educational family show appears to border on ridiculous.

One alarming red flag is that this pseudo-documentary has been alleged of promoting animal abuse by viewers.

  1. 'Never Have I Ever'

This show is packed with all the stereotypes you could imagine of a formulaic modern teen romance cliche put together. Starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumar, the 15-year-old wants nothing but to change her school status, going from loser to super-popular teenager with boyfriends and cool friends.

From start to finish, it difficulty attempts to be comedic and depict how Indians are like but falls over sadly.

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