For more than ten years, the Chinese Communist Party has been recruiting people for the U.S., Australian, British Consulates to spy in Shanghai, done by an agency that was hush-hush in operation.

Chinese ambitions are starting to show as more evidence comes out.

The CCP has been actively spying on several nations like the U.K., Australia, and American consulates in Shanghai without being too obvious. Serving key position these embassies without knowledge of the officers, reported Fox News.

Most of the positions occupied by these Chinese spies were in the senior political and government affairs specialists, economic advisers, clerks, and executive assistants, said the paper.

Sources say the database transmitted to the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China during mid-September reveals a telling picture. It shows all the CCP members who were part of several embassies as employees, but their communist association was buried deed to escape detection.

 These consulates are British, German, Swiss, Indian, New Zealand, Italian, and South African missions also the Shanghai Foreign Agency Service Department, which was infiltrated intentionally for intel. It seems that the Chinese even placed CPP personnel in big companies like Boeing and Pfizer that made the covid-19 cure.

Reports say that a confidential source allegedly sent The Australian a version with more complete details of all the CCP members involved in espionage. The cybersecurity firm Internet 2.0 traced the data back to April 2016.

The data recovered about communist espionage activities indicate that 92 million Chinese Communist Party deep cover agents were in several American universities during the summer. It followed the closing of the Houston Chinese consulate.

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 Operations by the intelligence units in the U.S. government have discovered a large plot by the communists to infiltrate critical fields to harvest and steal information. These are biomedicine and artificial intelligence that are important in many applications.

 By default, Beijing would instead steal the tech on their own because they need to overcome the U.S. and replace it. They are taking every avenue to reinforce scientific and military resources at all costs.

Opposing Beijing's drive is the Trump administration and Department of Justice, which is determined to thwart communists and their espionage-related activities. Sources say that 80% of the economic spying activities pushed by the Justice Department were all connected to the Communists who would be the beneficiaries of ill-gotten intellectual properties.

 A majority of the cases have about 60% traced to the Chinese hegemonic government that direct the stealing of all trade secrets.

 Last September, the acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf declared the cancellation of 1,000 visas or more owned by graduate students and researchers. Like Chinese students from Harvard University, Boston University, Emory University, and the University of California San Francisco, those suspected of espionage were charged by the federal government.

 One recent development is the Axios that a Chinese Communist Party spy called Christine Fang or Fang Fang who developed ties with California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell. The situation got too sticky, and the FBI stepped in at the critical time; Democrat Nancy Pelosi said she was not so alarmed with Swalwell.

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