As a threat to all countries, China will be evident in 15 years as its political warfare has made inroads in America and internationally. Its military forces will suppress any opposition to it and quell it.

In 15 years, the Chinese Communist Party can send its military enforcers to any place globally, as its political warfare arm gets more effective. Thus, is what top experts warn as the communists expand their influence using whatever means is available. Its military plan will be tantamount by that time.

Rick Fisher, who is well versed as an expert on China's expansionist goals, had this to say. In the last twenty years that the CCP has been creeping to become a global hegemon has made steady progress. He is part of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, a senior fellow who studies Beijing's motives to the world at large.

The CPP had connections in the U.S. business sector with allies from the 1970s when Chinese relations were reestablished. One prime directive is the CCPs thrust to lobby its interests in the Congress composed of Democrats and Republicans. Throughout the years, they have entrenched in the American government with American entities' help, without most Americans' knowledge.

Only one of the forms of political warfare, to subvert American targets, the Epoch Times.

 Chinese policy in the U.S. has been altered to deal with this serious threat that might compromise, said Fisher. Continual theft by the CCP of technology has closed companies while the communist claims the stolen tech.

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 Notorious for using pervasive propaganda to supplement as another dastardly form of political warfare, using television, printed media, online networks, and mobile apps like TikTok to influence. Unknowingly, many are duped by this kind of propaganda.

 Another cyber warfare is the task of Huawei that does this kind of silent war. Dominating computers and telecommunications component business is a way to get an advantage as another avenue.

 Huawei wants to monopolize the 5G networks of nations and even 6G next-generation networks. It is the most nefarious component that is not only for data collection, also a backdoor to the global electronic infrastructure like traffic lights. Once china can affect power grids, it can get worse.

The military and Chinese companies are connected; the communists are linked to everything. Inside are cadres of the CCP embedded to run the company, noted Fisher. There is no such thing as autonomy.

He added that if a company is only four members, two or three will be communist cadres inside a company. All company decisions are tied into something else, and communists make all decisions. They control everything.

 He added that the Chinese regime will be one of the most ruthless ever seen; controlling another nation's infrastructure will encourage them to attack or invade any country unprepared. Imagine killing all the lights and power grids remoted to overcome a country with ease.

The CCP will not be content with its borders, even attacking the west, where the opposition will come from, especially the United States. In 15 years, China will be a mature threat to every nation on earth. Something must be done now to prevent it.

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