A kidnapper's bold attempt to steal a baby became sorry when an NYC martial artist stopped him. He kept him immobilized long enough for the police to arrest the criminal.

If it weren't for a martial artist, a mom would have lost her child to a brazen kidnapper in a New York park. Sources say that the man could keep the perp under control for 15 minutes last Monday, reported New York Post.

The brave bystander, identified as Brian Kemsley, a 33-year-old Muay Thai coach, leaped to action when he witnessed and attempted grabbing a baby from the carriage. He saw the woman alarmed at the unknown man's assault while holding another one in her arms. The scene of the shocking attempt is at Madison Square Park, last Monday.

According to the Post, who asked him what happened, Kemsley was quoted," "I was trying to get him away from the mother, and let her get away to safety but toward the end of it, I was also trying to keep the guy safe from the mob."

 Kemsley's actions saved the small family and kept the crowd that wanted to teach the suspect a lesson. In one day, he inadvertently saved several individuals because of his quick action.

 The NYPD report

 Officers of the New York Police Department (NYPD) said when they got the report at around 3:35 p.m. when they took an emotionally disturbed person from the scene. He was later taken to the Bellevue hospital to check his mental state.

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The incident was captured on video by PIX11, who first reported it. It showed Kemsley taking down the perp to the ground. Once down, he kept the man under control until the police arrested him.

While Kemsley kept him restrained, the man wanted to fight more being held down. The Muay Thai expert noticed something amiss because he thought he was talking to Obama in the White House. The restrainer assumed he is a bit cuckoo, and the other man kept struggling unusually, not giving up.

He mentioned that his extensive martial arts training, with jiujitsu for grappling, was helpful. Though the unusually energetic suspect nearly tired him out for 15 minutes. It was a relief the police came to arrest the man.

He posted on Instagram and had this to say, he did not enjoy jiujitsu grappling and was not fun. He acknowledged that it made a difference in street fights or self-defense. Experience in martial arts is indispensable at certain times.

 As a martial artist, he added that it should not be hurting a person as the priority when it comes to using deadly force.

 He also expressed dislike for beating people with sticks for no reason at all. It is best to avoid violence if possible, tone down tempers to avoid trouble, as a last resort.

 After the incident with the man, one of those nearby gave him hand sanitizer to cleanse from possible COVID infection. The man was not wearing a mask. An NYC martial artist who stopped a kidnapper saved the day. The crowd clapped for his bravery, and he liked it.

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