Owning a pet is one kind of satisfaction on its own, but the best part is the health benefits it gives. Pets are not just animals owned but bundles of unconditional affection for its owner and more. 

A house pet is a constant companion that will be there unconditionally and be a source of comfort. Having a house pet does things like lessening stress, makes one's cardiac health improved, and pets are assistive in emotionally and social skills as well.

 A survey says that about 68% of U.S. homes have a beloved pet. Next, who will get the most from these animals and their benefits. An inquiry into the dynamics of how owning specific pets might affect people who own them. These kinds of pets range from dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish, reported NIH.

 Best benefits to the owner

Most studies done on human-animal interactions is unknown territory that shows a good effect. Though the data is yet to be further examined.

One of the findings is that stress is caused by cortisol which is a hormone connected to stress, with lower blood pressure. More clues point that animals lessen loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost your mood.

 Research show how animals can be tied to child development and how significant it is. Studies are in progress that examine the behavioral dynamic of autistism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other conditions. Using therapy with animals might make a difference.

According to Dr. Layla Esposito, NIH's Human-Animal Interaction Research Program, she says there are many factors to the problem and nothing is a cure-all. Even watching swimming fish might be sufficient for some patients.

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Dr. James Griffin, a child development expert said that seeing the dynamic of people and pets is under examination, how it works too. Looking at the connection of the health benefit to the animal.

Animals as support for people

Many patients respond to animals for comfort and support. Use of Therapy dogs are best for this and dogs are always welcome. Patients in hospitals and nursing homes feel better as support dogs make them feel better than medicine. A marked reduction of stress and anxiety is a positive effect. Attentiveness is the best trait of a dog and patients feel good with an interaction like it.

 Better than medicine, but it's important too, animals are a source of attention, intention, compassion, with the awareness that they do them naturally compared to people who need to learn it.

 But other studies are done to bring animals into hospitals without carrying germs with them. There is a concern they can spread disease as well. One concern is the exposure of children in cancer wards if dogs are brought in. There will be checks for germ infestation as well.

 In the classroom, dogs are good in assisting kids with ADHD focus attention on a subject. Two groups of children were grouped in a two, and the scientists check the results. One had a real dog that they interacted with another had dog puppets. One conclusion is that having real dogs is better with less behavioral problems.

 In conclusion, owning a pet does have many health benefits, but that depends on the person. Pets can do good or bad that depend on getting the right pet.

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