Love is on the lam, literally as singles' bars are closed, the pandemic has isolated potential couples for dating. Even with zoom, the potential for finding true love is slim with dating on the fritz.

Anyone for zoom speed dating? It is what comprises interactions with fears of COVID-19. Singles have never been so alone and isolated for hookups.

Last March, Alexandra Glaser, and her love life went under, also other singles as the coronavirus struck. Working as a product manager at New York's Museum of Modern Art, her life slowed down and ceased to move ahead, reported Vox.

Before the coronavirus restrictions, she had an active social life. The 33-year old had events, dinners, and planning to find the right one. COVID-19 became the ultimate party pooper that caused a delay for all singles like her. Coming 2020, the chance for more lockdowns is more than possible. She added that time is ticking for her.

 Glaser hopes that things will get better to resume her normal life, not one under the pall of COVID-19.

 Hooking up and the Virus

 According to singles who say that hooking with someone else is a lot easier said than done. Several of these individuals have stressed that it is not like before. One way to adapt to these tough times for singles is apps and electronic media. One drawback is the pandemic makes getting it on with that special someone is harder without dating.

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It is quite different online than it is meeting the person face to face. Other factors that kill that spark for a potential lifetime commitment are the pressure on everyone's psyche, from infection to financial problems that are not conducive to starting a relationship.

One of these observations is the pandemic has increase problems connected to dating, which has blown the bubble of getting to know that someone right. When asked how many Americans are convinced that hookups are more tedious than ever, compare to 10-years ago.

Trends that have capitalized on this new dynamic are more dating apps that are one of the most popular means to get paired. Approximately there are 39% of heterosexuals, 65% are homosexuals used these apps in 2017 as alternative ways to meet.

According to a 2019 Stanford University study, the chances of getting a partner is increasing, which is an advantage. There is a catch, though, and not seeing them in person is a crucial aspect. Chances of deception or sexual harassment are high.

 Previous generations were into marriage and having kids, but millennials do not intend to marry early, or no marriage is considered. They will be a generation of daters that procrastinate and are an exception. Another is that Millennials and Gen Z are least likely to have as many sexual affairs as their elders, even to the extent of spending more time alone than as a couple.

The coronavirus has impacted dating and has changed everything, as Glaser knows. More evidence that the pandemic has altered how people go about dating. The process is crucial to building a lasting romance that is the foundation that has been affected by the COVID-19.

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