Cindy McCain, the widow of late Republican senator John McCain, has joined the transition team of President-Elect and Democrat Joe Biden.

McCain to help with Biden's transition

McCain is said to take an advisory board role for the transition team of Joe Biden. She is set to help usher the President-Elect into the Oval Office by January 2021, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Senator John McCain served in Congress for decades and ran for president in 2008, but lost to former President Barack Obama. Joe Biden was the vice president of Barack Obama back then.

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In an interview with Good Morning America right after the announcement of Biden's victory, McCain celebrated the election and addressed her fellow Republicans.

McCain said that it is time for the United States to get together and work together, but it is time for the Republicans to put the country first and not the party. She also requested current president Trump to concede to Joe Biden graciously just liked how her late husband conceded in 2008.

Trump won't concede

President Trump has refused to conceded and has insisted that Democrats have tried to steal the election with voter fraud, although there is no evidence shown.

Cindy McCain is now the second Republican to join Biden's transition team after Bob McDonald. He also served as the Secretary of Veteran Affairs for years under former President Barack Obama.

McCain is a philanthropist and businesswoman and has the experience and qualifications to advise the transition team on issues facing women and children, according to the New York Post. The advisory board has already met and is scheduled to meet again in the next few weeks.

McCain's inclusion on Biden's transition team marks the continuation of a great alliance between her and Joe Biden. She was one of the most outspoken Republicans to endorse Biden when he ran for president against Republican Donald Trump.

McCain posted on her Twitter account her endorsement in September 2020; she said that her husband John McCain lived by a code, which is country first. She added that although they are Republicans, they are Americans foremost and that Joe Biden is the only candidate in the race who stands up for their values as a nation.

Aside from an endorsement, she also participated in the Democratic National Convention in August 2020, where she lauded the positive relationship between her late husband and Joe Biden.

President Trump has yet to concede the election, projected by every major news outlet for Joe Biden on November 7. The Associated Press projected McCain's home state of Arizona for Joe Biden.

President Trump has openly criticized John McCain several times during his presidency, calling him a loser. Before he was elected, he claimed that Sen. McCain was not a war hero for his service in Vietnam because he likes "people who weren't captured."

Sen. McCain served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. When his plane was shot down and was injured, he was taken captive by North Vietnamese troops. He was kept as a prisoner until 1963.

McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, said that she is relieved to have a president that respects prisoners of war as her father, and she saluted Joe Biden for securing the election.

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