Whether or not he is willing to admit it, Donald Trump has lost the presidency. He would have to give up his power in 72 days.

Back in September, Trump declared that in the event he loses to Joe Biden on November 3, he will not be willing to deliver a peaceful transfer of power.

The unprecedented announcement by a United States president that he would not leave the White House has appalled people across the globe, reported People's World.

While you watch Trump's presidency stumble to its ugly end, refresh how it began: He entered the political world on the back of the "birther" conspiracy theory, a trend whose importance was largely undermined at the time. Think about what are the implications of the belief in birtherism, reported The Atlantic.

Being ousted from the White House does not mean Trump would magically disappear. The opposite is bound to transpire.

The president openly confesses his aim to become a dictator for life.

According to the Republican, when asked whether he would deliver a peaceful transfer of power, "Well, we're going to have to see what happens. You know that I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the ballots are a disaster."

If you were among the people who were dubious if Barack Obama was born in the United States, which an estimated third of Americans did, including 72 percent of registered Republicans, then that meant you also thought Obama was not a qualified president. This means you believed that the whole U.S. political, judicial, and media establishment, including the Congress and White House, the federal courts, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were participants in a Herculean plot to swindle the public into allowing a false commander-in-chief.

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According to Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, one of Trump's most high-profile GOP critics, "He is without question the most powerful voice in our party. He will have an enormous impact on our party going forward. I believe the great majority of people who voted for Donald Trump want to make sure that his principles and his policies are pursued. So, yes, he's not disappearing by any means," reported CNN.

Romney underscored, "He's the 900-pound gorilla when it comes to the Republican Party."

Trump remarked that they would have to get rid of the ballots and that there would be no peaceful transfer of power but a "continuation."

He stated he considers mail-in ballots to be invalid.

The aforementioned third of Americans went on to become Trump's base. In four years, they continued to laud everything he did, not because they necessarily believed everything he would say but often because they did not believe anything.

The president is a 900-pound gorilla who, for one, hates being a loser, and two, already is being endorsed by his loyalists as a probable 2024 presidential nominee.

He has a dwindling number of revenue streams and hundreds of millions in personally guaranteed loans coming due in the next couple of years.

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